Support for Outstanding Research

Valuing Our OwnThe Support for Outstanding Research (SOAR) is founded on the power of collective action and the engagement of all the departments in securing the research future of Michigan Medicine.

SOAR is a strategic investment fund that is jointly managed by the Medical School department chairs and Medical School Office of Research. It provides a framework for multi-year, strategic investment for the research enterprise beyond the scope that can be achieved alone by either central administration or individual department investments. Creating transformative knowledge, advancing science, and improving health requires a significant investment in our faculty to drive their impactful scientific ideas into action and to shape a research legacy for decades to come. Although SOAR funds are intended to be used to achieve the Medical School research strategic plan, the primary use of the funds is for strategic faculty retention; recognition of our valued, high-performing investigators; and strategic recruitment of outstanding scientists from across the entire research continuum—basic, translational, and clinical as well as health services, outcomes, and policy.

Valuing Our Own

Strategic research growth is best achieved through valuing our existing faculty and supporting faculty productivity, diversity, mentorship, and entrepreneurship rather than increasing overall faculty numbers.

Valuing Our Own is a three-year program under SOAR that provides an annual return of 3% of the indirect cost (IDC) recovery from sponsored research expenditures to a faculty’s research discretionary account. The general program criteria include:

  • 3-yr average of faculty member’s Medical School IDC recovery from sponsored research expenditures.
  • minimum threshold to be eligible is >$67,000 IDCs.
  • maximum annual payout of $25,000.
  • deposited into research discretionary account (unrestricted).
  • September 2022 targeted for first payout and will be based on FY2020 - FY2022 average IDC recovery.
.A Great Minds, Greater Discoveries Program



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