Vascular Diseases

Graphical depiction of heart in x-rayed chest

Over 11% of the U.S. population suffers from heart disease, and each year it's the leading cause of death for adult Americans, surpassing AIDS and all cancers combined. 

Faculty at the U-M's Cardiovascular Research Center lead the nation in research on the heart and blood vessels and the diseases that affect them.  Research spans basic to clinical, with basic biological mechanisms that can lead to insights that impact innovative patient therapies.  We are also studying blood disorders, vascular biology, cardiovascular genetics, and mechanisms of thrombosis/thrombolysis, electrical signaling and arrhythmias, cardiac performance and failure, congenital cardiac differentiation and hemostasis.

By significantly increasing the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of life-threatening cardiac rhythm diseases and structural heart diseases, our researchers are breaking new ground every day in heart and vascular disease detection, treatment, and care.

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