Strategic Research Initiative

The Strategic Research Initiative aligns the University of Michigan Health System and Medical School around a common research vision, backed by a long-term commitment of over $100 million by the Dean of the Medical School and implemented by the Medical School Office of Research. The Strategic Research Initiative's mission is to...

  • Leverage existing areas of research strength.
  • Align interests and expertise, and invest in enabling infrastructure.
  • Engage basic, translational, clinical, and health outcomes researchers.

In addition to investments in our Biomedical Research Core Facilities and other infrastructure, the following programs are a part of the Strategic Research Initiative:

Resulting in ground-breaking, innovative science, the Strategic Research Initiative is “fast forwarding” biomedical research at the University of Michigan and shaping the future of human health and global healthcare policy.

Download a timeline to learn more details about the genesis of the Medical School's Strategic Research Initiative. (PDF)