Initiative Updates

Amelia Glazier Receives AHA Grant

May 2015

Congratulations are in store for Amelia Glazier, a Graduate Student in Dr. Sharlene Day's laboratory, who received an American Heart Association grant!  She scored in the 11th percentile which is very impressive since very few first submissions receive funding.  The title of the grant is "The role of Hsp70 chaperones in MYBPC3-linked Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy".

Yanzhuang Wang's Work Highlighted by ASCB Now Released

December 2014

The work of Yanzhuang Wang, Ph.D. on golgi and the impact on Alzheimer's progress, which was highlighted by the ASCB, has been released in Science Daily and Medical Xpress.  To view these articles, please click on the links:

Science Daily

Medical Xpress

New $11.5 Million Grant Fuels UM Parkinson's Disease Research Center

October 2014

A grant from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke allows UM to become home to one of only nine Morris K. Udall Centers of Excellence in Parkinson Disease Research in the country.  Named for a noted member of Congress who battled the disease, the Udall Centers bring together researchers from many fields to tackle big questions in Parkinson's, to educate the next generation of Parkinson's researchers, and to serve as a vital resource for patients with the disease.  The UM investigators, many who are a part of the Protein Folding Diseases Initiative, will focus on a brain chemical system that is rapidly emerging as a key player in the disease's effect on walking and balance.  William Dauer, M.D. and Roger Albin, M.D., PFDI investigators, will serve as the center's director and associate director.

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Congratulations Yanzhuang Wang, Ph.D.!!

September 2014

Yanzhuang Wang's abstract, "Golgi defects in Alzheimer disease", was chosen by the ASCB's Public Information Committee (PIC) as a "Novel & Newsworthy" Top News Pick during the 2014 ASCB/IFCB joint Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.  The goal in reviewing the abstracts was to identify new research that not only has tremendous impact and interesting findings, but also strong news value or illuminates novel aspects of cell biology for the scientific and general public.  Dr. Wang's abstract scored in the top 10 out of 909.  Yanzhuang is a part of the Protein Trafficking and Neurodegenerative Disease Hub, Hub 3.

Congratulations Daniel Southworth, Ph.D.!!

April/May 2014

Daniel Southworth's manuscript was selected as a Journal of Biological Chemistry "Paper of the Week".  The editorial board members and associate editors determined his paper was in the top 2 percent of manuscripts they review in a year in significance and overall importance.  About 50 to 100 papers are selected from the more than 6,600 they publish each year.  In addition, his illustration was selected for the June 13, 2014 cover of JBC!