BrainsRule!, March 28, 2014




This year's event will be from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm on the second floor of the Michigan League.  BrainsRule! is a one-day outreach event coordinated by graduate students in the Neuroscience Graduate Program here at the University of Michigan.  We invite middle school students from around the Southeastern Michigan area to come to campus for a day and go through a series of interactive exhibits to learn about the brain and scientific principles.  The exhibits are designed by students, post-docs and faculty from around the campus and teach the middle schoolers a variety of things including how the brain adapts to new circumstances, how the brain processess fear, along with everyday knowldge such as why wearing a helmet is important.  Our goal is to get the students excited about science and the brain, and to encourage them to continue to choose science classes in high school when they have the option.

We target schools of lower socioeconomic status in the area in order to give them the opportunity to come and explore hands on science that they normally would not receive in a public education.  The graduate student coordinators of BrainsRule! raise enough money to completely fund the days activities for approximately 280 middle school students including transportation from their school and lunch on campus.  The last two years we have been able to bring a school from Detroit, and we are bringing students from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences this year.  We raise our funds from a variety of sources inside and outside the University.  The Protein Folding Diseases Initiative is a co-sponsor of this event.