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For information about single institutional review board (or sIRB) for multisite research, view our U-MIC titled "Single Institutional Review Board for Multisite Research (NIH Policy)."

U-M as a Coordinating Center

  • A coordinating center is an institution, department or center that agrees to be responsible for the conduct and administrative or coordinating functions of a multicenter research project.

U-M as IRB of Record

  • An IRB of record is a reviewing IRB that assumes IRB responsibilities for another institution and is designated to do so through an approved federalwide assurance on file with the federal Office for Human Research Protections.


U-M has finalized Master Services Agreements with several IRBs:

  • Advarra
  • Quorum Review IRB
  • Western IRB (WIRB)

Under these Agreements, U-M may cede regulatory oversight of new, industry-sponsored, Phase 3 or 4 multi-site trials to one of these central IRBs. 

Study teams will need to complete the "Request Review by a Non-UM IRB" (AKA, Ceding) Application within eResearch and receive an acknowledgement letter in addition to completing the electronic site application for the central IRB of choice. Study teams must receive the U-M acknowledgement letter and the central IRB approval notice before beginning any research related activities.

For more information about working with one of the listed IRBs, click on the links below:

Advarra (formerly Chesapeake IRB and Schulman IRB)


Quorum Review IRB

Western IRB (WIRB)

Non-UM Academic or Other Consortiums



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A list of IRBMED staff is available in the Personnel Directory, or view the list of Regulatory Teams.