Freelance Editors

The following list of editors are available for freelance work to assist with various types of writing, including but not limited to grant proposals, manuscripts, IRB applications, dissertations. If interested, please contact the editor directly to negotiate the work statement and payment arrangements. 

Note: If you hire a University of Michigan employee to do freelance work, please refer to: UM Standard Practice Guide 201.85 – Non-Appointment Related University Compensation. In accordance with U-M Procurement Services, a University of Michigan P-Card should not be used for payments of this nature, and any agreement should be signed by Procurement Services, not the individual unit. Please refer to the U-M Procurement Services website for additional information. 

If you are an editor who would like to be added to the list or have any questions about the list, please contact


Accdon LetPub

Phone: (781) 202-9968

Accdon-LetPub employs scholarly editors that specialize in biology, pharmacology, microbiology and immunology, neuroscience, plant biology, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, geology, host-pathogen interactions, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, regulation, bacteriology, biophysics, psychology, engineering, chemistry, material science, and more. 
We are an author services company that consists of a large team of United States-based certified language and scientific editors. Our language and scientific editors are leaders in their fields, teach at top American universities, and hold editing certifications such as those from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. Our grant editors are select group of senior academics who have a history of successful grant submissions with major funding agencies. Authors affiliated with the University of Michigan can take advantage of a 10% discount for editing.

Amadocs Medical Editing

Phone: (949) 307-2629

Amadocs is a full-service medical editing company that specializes in medical editing. We work with researchers in all medical specialties. We have a simple ordering process and offer exceptional editing services for doctors. We will professionally edit your case report, clinical study, review article, grant proposal, or dissertation. Our prices are reasonable, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our typical turnaround is 48 hours. Visit our website for our exceptional medical editing service.

Aldrich, Taryn

Professional Editor & Writing Consultant


Taryn Aldrich is a professional editor who offers language editing/copy editing services and writing consulting to academic faculty and graduate students, many of whom are multi-language authors. Her work spans a variety of disciplines, including STEM fields. She focuses on editing scholarly manuscripts and dissertations prior to publication. She also works on grant and research proposals, CVs and job applications, and similar materials. She holds an MA in Professional Writing in addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees in the humanities and social sciences. She previously managed a university writing center and worked in educational publishing. Her clients’ articles have been published in a variety of top-tier journals.

Anderson, Lise, MPH

Phone: (734) 255-3434

Reviewer Ready Editing Service

I currently have a part-time appointment as a copy editor for the UM Department of Urology and for the Pre-Publication Support Service (PREPSS) in the Department of Epidemiology. I can assist you with review of scholarly papers or grant proposals for sentence structure, grammar and English usage, as well as provide comments on logic, consistent voice, and clarity of ideas. I worked at the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (MICHR) for ten years. I am experienced with the federal grant review process, specializing in NSF, F, or K career development awards. I have a scientific background in behavioral trials and community-based prevention research.

Bielawski, Dawn, Ph.D.

Biological Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology minor)
The Editing & Writing Alchemist, LLC

Phone: (810) 542-2222

I bring over 25 years of scientific and medical editing experience to the table to facilitate your successful publication of clear, consistent, and well-written manuscripts. I also edit books, dissertations, grant applications, newsletters, and website content. 

Clients include the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Journals, the Americas Health Foundation (focused on improved access to quality healthcare in Latin America), and the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. I have assisted faculty members at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, University of Detroit Mercy, Western Michigan University, Michigan School of Psychology, Leipzig Medical School (Germany), Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) and Kantonsspital Aarau (Switzerland). 

I am a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and the Council of Science Editors (CSE). As a former faculty member in pediatric research, I also served as an invited peer reviewer for medical and scientific journals and grant programs, an institutional review board (IRB) member, and a judge for several research competitions. My background as a scientist, reviewer, compliance expert, and editor allow me to offer a multi-faceted perspective while delivering constructive feedback to my clients. 



Boothroyd, David

Proofreading and editing services

Boothroyd, David
Contact form

My name is David Boothroyd and I am a freelance proofreader and copy-editor based in Sheffield, the United Kingdom. I specialise in academic texts, and since 2013 have worked on a wide variety of documents: chemical thermodynamics textbooks, fashion design doctoral theses, marketing and internal communications material for innovation companies, and long-term editing of magazines and publications for organisations including Research Institutes of Sweden and the European Parliament. I have a great deal of experience in working in both British and American English, and for native speakers and those for whom English is a second (or third, or fourth…) language.

Free sample edits may be provided to prospective clients upon request.  

Connor, Caroline E., Ph.D.


My experience includes scientific report writing, manuscript preparation, grant editing, and assistance with fellowship applications. With an advanced degree in the biological sciences, I can comprehend papers from a wide range of disciplines. Beyond reviewing for grammar and style, I can also comment on the science and highlight weaknesses or inconsistencies. I have published articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in textbooks. Since 2002, I have written scientific reports for a local contract research firm and assisted clients from both industry and academics with editing, proofreading, and preparation of grants. I can improve the readability and flow of your document(s) and make sure your paper adheres to journal guidelines. Following article submission, I can work with you to address reviewer comments. 


DeLyria, Elizabeth S., Ph.D.

Phone: (281) 216-3872

Dr. DeLyria is a freelance and contract editor specializing in substantive and developmental editing of scientific manuscripts, textbooks, and grant proposals for English-as-second-language clients. She is an expert in the scientific publishing industry from managing and editing projects from a top publisher, and has extensive knowledge of the body and disease, with over a decade of research in immunology and cancer biology. Dr. DeLyria is a writing consultant with the UM Office of Health Equity and Inclusion for students’ professional school applications. She has exceptional writing, teaching, and communication skills, including interpreting science into lay terms, and has a current supplier ID for the University of Michigan.

Curriculum Vitae

Editor World

Phone: (855) 511-3348

Find Academic Editors
We edit journal articles, dissertations, theses, research papers, essays, and other academic works. Whether your topic is in science, engineering, social sciences, humanities, or another field, we have an editor who can help.

Academic Editing Services for Faculty and Other Researchers
Editor World’s professional academic editing services can help you excel, increasing your chances of being published in professional journals and other types of publications. Our editors will improve the clarity and readability of your academic document, focusing on the flow of the paper as well as grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and style. Please provide specific instructions for the editor when you submit your document. Editor World’s affordable academic editing and proofreading services are sure to give you a competitive edge.

What can you expect from Editor World’s academic editing services?
•    A carefully edited manuscript, with grammar errors, spelling errors, punctuation issues, and typos corrected.
•    When needed, suggestions to help you improve flow, clarity, and readability.
•    Track Changes markup to allow you to review all revisions.
•    Formatting of included citations and references following your specified guidelines.

What types of academic documents do we edit?
•    Research papers
•    Dissertations
•    Journal articles
•    Conference proceedings
•    Class assignments and other materials
•    Other academic documents


Marketplace for professional proofreaders, editors, scientific consultants, and writers

Eloquenti is a novel and modern platform for manuscript editing, medical writing and grant writing services, which allows customers to browse freelancer profiles and select professionals based on reviews, subject matter expertise, and pricing. Several Eloquenti freelancers have medical and public health degrees and specialize on proofreading and editorial services in these areas.

GrantRescue℠ / WinningSubmissions LLC

Jeffrey B. Tatro, Ph.D.

Jeffrey B. Tatro, Ph.D.
•    Consultation & substantive editing of research grant proposals and manuscripts to help biomedical and other researchers 1) win research grant funding and 2) publish scientific articles, with maximum speed and efficiency, by optimizing presentation and persuasiveness to reviewers. 
•    Resubmissions and reviewer responses a specialty. 
•    Over $120M awarded in clients' grants of all types from NIH, NSF, CDC, EPA and others –from large Center to large & small R-type, SBIR, and mentored training and career development grants (e.g. K awards, NSF CAREER). 
•    Full-time service since 2005.  
•    Scientific & strategic input based on prior 20-year career experience as PIs in cross-disciplinary biomedical research. 
•    High-level advice & consultation, working closely with client PIs to inform & improve scientific, presentation, and persuasion issues of all types. We read as reviewers, anticipate concerns of clients' study sections, eliminate barriers to effective communication and persuasion, and find creative opportunities to enhance PIs' development of significance and premise. 
•    Input provided in multiple rounds, on proposal subcomponents or whole drafts, with separate and in-text comments, progressing from initial edits with markups & queries for intent/clarification to complete editing. 
•    We slash unneeded words and passive language with little mercy, to energize scientific story and flow, optimize clarity, and achieve a crisp authoritative style. 
•    Our tutorial style aims to help clients improve their grantsmanship skill sets & future competitiveness. Clients look to us not merely for editing, but for critical challenges and prodding/prompting for needed information, clarification, rationales, controls, and intrinsic connections, synergies, and translatability sometimes overlooked.  
•    We review prior critiques of PIs' previously submitted proposals, to inform and guide strategy and ensure responsiveness, and we review any needed funding opportunity-program announcements and submission guidelines. 
•    Established U-M supplier.

Hagan, Ada, Ph.D.

Phone: (810) 266-0591

Alliance SciComm & Consulting, LLC (ASCC)

Alliance SciComm & Consulting, LLC provides manuscript writing and editing services as well as training in academic writing. Clients include the Michigan Medicine Office of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies, Wiley, and MacMillian Learning, in addition to individual researchers and trainees.

ASCC was founded in 2019 by Dr. Ada Hagan, a microbiologist with a passion for making science accessible. She seeks to use her strong background in science communication and higher education to help make scientific concepts more easily understood.

Dr. Hagan holds a PhD in Microbiology & Immunology and an M.S. in Biology.

Curriculum Vitae

Hutchason, Beth, RN, MN

LinkedIn: Beth Hutchason
Phone: 253-686-9290 (call/text)

Beth is an academic editor with a background of over 3 decades in health care, primarily as a nurse practitioner. She has been editing manuscripts for journal submissions and academic purposes for the past two years and has completed the editing certificate program at the University of Washington. Specialized interest areas are nursing, oncology, dementia, and palliative care. She also does editing for a pharmaceutical marketing company and writes healthcare-related materials. She has high QA and client satisfaction scores across the board. She has never missed a deadline.

Clear contracting delineates the editing of graduate student manuscripts to maintain academic integrity standards.


Little Shed Communications


Little Shed Communications offers brand-focused content development for newsletters, websites, case studies, technical white papers and more, with special focus on health care, urban planning/architecture, education and public-private partnerships. Based in Ypsilanti.
•    Writing and editing for web content, proposals, grant submissions, general messaging, blog posts, articles and news stories.
•    Accessible technical writing focused on specific audiences.
•    Story development and pitching for all media.
•    Specializing in making challenging topics understandable, approachable and accessible.
•    Photojournalism-style documentary photography services are also available.

Online Editorial Services (OES)

Editorial services at all levels for science writers whose second language is English

David Martin Email:
Phone: (520) 829-7828

Educated in the arts and humanities, I've always enjoyed working with words, perhaps because of the elements that make writing a fine craft: unity, structure and organization, precision and style.

Since 2004, OES has earned the trust of researchers in the life and physical sciences. Specializing in comprehensive reviews of scholarly works and grant proposals, I look for evidence of logic, structure and organization, and coherence, as well as control over subject matter and economy of expression.

Pricing is not scaled to word count; instead, I perform an initial review and quote a flat rate based on time.


Mathews, Raven


Raven Mathews has nearly a decade of experience in academia and the medical field through work as an EMT, a cardiac telemetry technician, a tutor, and a research assistant in domestic and international labs. She also has extensive non-profit experience and has applied to over $250,000 of grant funding with various community partners. Many researchers find grant writing challenging, as it requires the ability to explain complex scientific ideas in plain language; this can be especially difficult when English is a second language. Services are offered at a reasonable rate and include: grant proposal drafting, review of written works for clarity of language and syntax, and feedback of strategies to improve your writing skills overall.

Curriculum Vitae

Martin, Wade

Emareye Medical Editing Services
Phone: (909) 610-9152

Wade Martin is the Editor-in-Chief at Emareye, a full-service medical editing company, and has edited over 500 manuscripts on numerous medical topics, including aneurysms, melanomas, stroke, spinal cord injury, and parasitic infestation. He is also the official medical editor for the journal Neurointervention and is a grant editor for the faculty at the NYU School of Medicine. He has worked closely with numerous doctors on all aspects of the publication process. For more information about our medical editing service, please visit our website.

Maurer, Leah Duncan

Phone: 248-563-6191

Leah Duncan Maurer is a copy editor specializing in medical editing with more than 20 years of experience extending to news editing as well as education and communications research. From 2002 to 2022, she copy-edited Pediatric Radiology, an international journal that was based at U-M/C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. Additionally, she edits research for U-M School of Information and Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning faculty as well as the Radiological Society of North America, and is adept at editing for ESL researchers. She started her career in newspapers and spent several years copy-editing the Detroit Free Press and The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, IN).

Peak Medical Editing

Peak Medical Editing
Contact form
Twitter: @PeakMedEd

Peak Medical Editing has edited over 1000 published manuscripts with a 93% acceptance rate since 2015. Peak is a trusted editing resource for several private and government research institutions. Owned by a former Editor-in-Chief of two scientific publications, Peak offers medical and scientific editing service for manuscripts prior to submission to peer-reviewed journals. Services also include plagiarism detection and reference formatting for all manuscripts.

For more information on Peak’s qualifications, experience, and service(s), please visit the Peak Medical Editing website at

Pittard, Mike

Phone: (410) 963-5491


Mike Pittard is a freelance copy editor with over 21 years’ experience, specializing in medical copyediting. He currently edits papers for Journals of the American College of Cardiology and Journal of American Ophthalmology. 

He edits for standard American English, using MS Word in Track Changes and follows AMA style. He welcomes upwards of 100 pages per week. All manuscripts receive three end-to-end reviews for fidelity to journal style, formatting, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and clarity. Experience also includes copyediting of author-supplied book chapters, journal papers, reviews, letters, editorials, forewords, and ancillary materials.



Marx, Elizabeth

Marx, Elizabeth
E-mail address:

I worked at the National Research Foundation, which provided me with adequate research exposure in all academic fields. I hold a teaching diploma and a B in Public Administration.  I assisted students and academics with their academic writing. Since 2011, I worked independently as proofreader and copy-editor (including formatting) of mainly, academic research documents, as well as other professional documents (reports, etc.) full time. I receive excellent feedback from my clients, evident in e-mail correspondence. There is always something new to learn about the English language. Each project is different and a challenge. I believe in respecting my clients and to treat all equally (whether they are students, professors, business-owners, or authors). 

If you need your academic or professional work polished to perfection, contact us. We attend to all English language concerns and formatting.

Ramsahi, Ambika, EdD

LinkedIn Profile:
Phone: (809) 432-1986

Ambika Ramsahai (EdD- December 2022) has over 10 years of experience in academic writing and editing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature and a Master's in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She has been working as a Language Arts teacher for English language learners for more than 10 years. Her editing includes improving sentence structure and flow, referencing, and formatting. Editing with Ambika also includes correcting grammatical and spelling errors. She also provides coaching for academic writing and offers assistance with writing cover letters and resumé writing.

Schuster, Adam, PhD

Dissertation Editing and Coaching
Contact Information:

Education: BA, MA in Literature, PhD in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, PGCertHE. 

I have over fifteen years of experience in academia. Having chaired more than ten dissertation committees, I know the ins and outs of the dissertation process. I know how hard writing a dissertation can be (I wrote one myself) and am familiar with the mistakes that are easy to make along the way (I made some of them myself). Most of all, my greatest passion is supporting students in achieving their goals. I can help you finish your dissertation and achieve the dreams you had when you first started this journey. I welcome ESL students.

Services: Main Services: Dissertation editing services [full and chapter by chapter editing], dissertation proposal editing services, and dissertation proofreading services.

Other Services: Thesis, capstone projects, assignments, essays, reports, reviews, case studies, annotated bibliography, and more!

Coaching: On top of top-notch dissertation editing services, I also offer dissertation coaching services to help you navigate the writing process on your own.

I Can Help with:
•    Choosing a topic strategically
•    Saving time in your research and writing process
•    Developing your methodology and data collection strategy
•    Developing your problem statement and purpose statement
•    Creating an acceptance-ready proposal (Chapters 1-3)
•    Addressing the tricky issue of alignment
•    Data collection
•    Analysis and reporting (Chapters 4 & 5)
•    Preparing for your defense
•    Turning your finished dissertation into journal articles or a book
•    And much more…

Cost Estimations: I offer a competitive dissertation help service; the price I charge will be computed on the basis of the following aspects: service type, paper type, academic level, deadline, and the number of words. Please contact me for a customized price for your project.

Taubman, Danielle S., MPH

Phone: (248) 444-0144

Danielle S. Taubman, MPH has over 10 years of experience in scientific writing and editing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Public Health degree with a focus on health communications, both from the University of Michigan. She has worked as a technical writer, program evaluation specialist, and project manager at the University of Michigan Eisenberg Family Depression Center for more than six years. Her editing services include proofreading and content editing, improving sentence flow and clarity, correcting grammatical errors, and formatting. She also provides substantive language editing for authors whose first language is not English. She edits a variety of documents, including research proposals, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts, book chapters, reports, theses and dissertations, and website content. 

Curriculum Vitae 

Urban Venture Group, Inc. (UVG)

Email: Burr Zimmerman at  
Phone: (614) 425-1230

Urban Venture Group, Inc. (UVG) provides proposal strategy, preparation, and management services, including full-service proposal development, coaching, editing, funding agency engagement, and post-award management services. UVG clients have been awarded over $1 billion from NIH, BARDA, CDMRP, NSF, DoD, DOE, NSF, and many others. They specialize in supporting proposals for complex awards, centers, and to "mission agencies", like BARDA and CDMRP. We also support entrepreneurs in SBIRs, STTRs, and raising angel capital. 

The UVG team is led by Dr. Burr Zimmerman and includes PhD-level editors and writers, subject matter expert reviewers, budget experts. UVG additionally provides post-award management and TABA support for startups/commercial partners. Please visit for more information or to request a quote. 

Williams, Susan

Phone: (706) 621-2638

Susan Williams Editing Services

Susan Williams works with clients who are preparing papers for academic admission, conference presentations, and publication in various academic journals. She has extensive experience editing for tenure-track professors seeking publication in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals, with several manuscripts having been published. Susan also has experience editing application essays and personal statements for students seeking admission into various academic programs. She has TESOL certification and specializes in editing for non-native English speakers. Subjects in which Susan has experience include finance, computer engineering, electrical engineering, applied linguistics, digital learning, TESOL, pharmacology, architecture, and computer science. Susan edits using the track changes feature in Microsoft Word, LATEX (LyX), and Overleaf. Susan prides herself on providing exemplary and timely editing services. She is happy to provide excellent references upon request. 

Woodside, Jodi


Jodi Woodside has over 10 years experience with technical documents, manuscripts, dissertations, grants, and websites. She focuses primarily on document formatting to guidelines or qualifications, and line-by-line copy editing. Her niche is proofreading and presenting articles, whitepapers and landing pages written for SEO and proof of content expertise. She often edits portions of proposals prepared by physician researchers for health and wellness grants. 

She is also the web content editor of MomMD LLC,


Contact us at or 734-763-4272 / (Fax 734-615-9458)

2800 Plymouth Road, NCRC Building 520, Room 3174, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800

A list of Grant Services & Analysis staff is available in the Personnel Directory.