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Mentees, together with their departments or coaches, will generate names of potential Internal Subject Matter Experts (ISMEs)—any established U-M faculty researcher who would be a good fit with mentees’ research fields and needs, and who is available to offer scientific guidance. Prior to the start of the program, the mentee should approach the ISME to ask about his/her willingness to participate in the R01 Boot Camp program.

ISMEs will provide counsel on mentees' research plans, help them prepare and present Chalk Talks, and review proposal drafts.

ISMEs are required to complete contracts prior to January 31, 2018. Contracts ensure ISME commitment to their mentees and facilitate compensation at the end of the program.


ISMEs will be selected by the mentee in consultation with coaches, Department Chairs, and Associate Chairs for Research.


Through the experience of serving as an ISME, you will be able to:

  • Help guide the success of new investigators
  • Contribute to the mentee’s research design and rationale
  • Share your wisdom and insight as an experienced researcher, reviewer, and faculty member
  • Have the opportunity to learn about new technologies or methods
  • Gain entrée to some of the other R01 Boot Camp program activities
  • Contribute to the research mission of the U-M Medical School

Total estimated time commitment is approximately 16-20 hours (excluding optional components).



What is the role of the Internal Subject Matter Expert in the R01 Boot Camp?

With the advice of his/her department, each mentee will identify and contact an Internal Subject Matter Expert (ISME) prior to the start of the R01 Boot Camp program. The ISME (i.e., a "personal scientific trainer") will advise an individual mentee on the scientific content of his/her R01 grant proposal.

Specifically, the ISME will:

  • Help the mentee identify collaborators, resources, and skills that the mentee needs in order to be competitive in a precise field of research
  • Work with mentees to plan departmental Chalk Talks    
  • Attend the mentee's departmental Chalk Talk  
  • Review all draft sections of the proposal
  • Help the mentee identify an external (outside of U-M) reviewer to critique a final draft of the proposal

How are Internal Subject Matter Experts selected?

The mentee should consult with chairs, coaches or colleagues to identity potential ISMEs who would be a good fit with the mentee’s needs. Prior to the start of the program, the mentee should approach the ISME to ask about his/her willingness to participate in the R01 Boot Camp program.

If I am selected as an Internal Subject Matter Expert, how do I access the contract?

Please complete the Internal Subject Matter Expert Contract. Contracts should be completed prior to January 31, 2018.

What is the compensation for serving as an Internal Subject Matter Expert?

While the biggest compensation for serving as an ISME will be the satisfaction of contributing to the success of new investigators, the R01 Boot Camp program will compensate Internal Subject Matter Experts for their time (approximately 16-20 hours) with a salary supplement of $1,000 once mentees have submitted their R01 proposals.

Can ISMEs mentor more than one participant at a time in R01 Boot Camp?

Yes. ISMEs may mentor as many participants as they have the capacity for, but will not be compensated for more than 2 mentees ($2,000) in any program year.


If you have questions about the R01 Boot Camp program, please contact us at

You may also contact Jill Jividen, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Research Development, at or 734-764-3634. 

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