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Medical School State of Research provides high-level metrics of financial performance and research output for the Medical School. Operational metrics from the Office of Research service units are also included in this report. The State of Research is updated and distributed on a quarterly basis.

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M-DASH provides high-level information on all aspects of research submissions, awards, and expenditures for the school and individual units. Also included are pages displaying National Institutes of Health (NIH) benchmarking data for the school. Charts provide visual trends as well as underlying data tables. This dashboard is geared towards Department Chairs and Clinical Department Administrators (CDAs). Need access? Click here.

M-STAT provides information on space utilization and different aspects of research financial metrics, including trend reports on submissions, awards and success rates for Medical School projects to the NIH and all other external sponsors. Raw data reports allow users to export data or .csv for personal data organization and manipulation. Need access? Click here.

Medical School Grants Database (MS Grants) contains detailed information on each proposal submitted with the Medical School serving as the administrative home. The database contains proposal, award status, dates, and dollars.  Departments are able to receive read-only access in order to search and review information. This is the source for the data shown in the M-DASH and M-STAT systems. Need access?  Email

Need an image?  Contact to request most copies of the proposal, award notices and award changes that pre-date eRPM.


NIH RePORT - the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) site provides access to reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities, including information on NIH expenditures - even categorical spending by disease or condition and the results of NIH supported research.

 U.S. World News and Report

  • Medical Schools - provides ranking across all Medical Schools by school specialty (research or primary care) or medical specialty (i.e. AIDS, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, etc.).
  • U.S. Hospitals - provides rank across all U.S. Hospitals by specialty or metro areas and states.



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