Streamlined Review Services


As Medical School departments and units participate in the Streamlined Grant Review initiative, Grant Services & Analysis will focus on ensuring the compliance (sponsor, institution, and school) with timely turnaround in the review process.

Please note although the office has stopped the “tick and tie” of the budget, it will continue reviewing effort levels, F&A calculations, and justification language. Additionally, in order to continue support of the school’s units, we have developed new resources for the departments. We will add to this list below as new opportunities present that will accompany the Streamlined Review process.


We have created checklists and tools to assist departments/units in preparing and reviewing proposals.

NIH Research Proposal Review Checklist

This annotated and color‐coded checklist (updated January 2022) was specifically developed to aid reviews for NIH grants, which account for the majority of the Medical School grant applications. It helps Research Administrators double check grants and PAFs item by item to ensure a comprehensive review.

Grant Review Checklist

This general checklist serves as a master list covering key components of most proposals submitted through the Medical School. Each check point is colored to indicate the party responsible for the accuracy.

Budget Templates

Multiple budget templates are available for use in different budget scenarios.


Unusual Budget Situations

If a unit requires support for particular cases (e.g., large‐scale grants, rare sponsors, second set of eyes on budget, etc.), the GR&A office will provide budget review support if:

  • Requested by the Primary Pre‐Award Research Administrator; and
  • Provided with a “solid draft” of the budget section no less than one week before the published School Deadline for the proposal.
  • Any requests made after this time are not guaranteed dedicated help.

In these cases, the GR&A office will make time to review the budget, as requested, and return feedback to the unit within three working days.

During Unit Staff Changes

If a department, especially small units, anticipates less stable periods due to change of staff (e.g., a RA is leaving or a new RA needs training) and they wish to seek temporary budget support from the GR&A office during the transition, the unit may request a more robust budget review during the routing of the administrative shell. The GR&A office will:

  • Review the request and work with the unit to define the need/service;
  • Provide full budget review, in addition to the standard Streamlined compliance review, for grants from the unit for up to three months, to ensure a smooth transition; and
  • Provide support for training new hires as appropriate.

Ad hoc Budget Development Questions

Should a unit Research Administrator need feedback on budgetary strategies, such as budget structure and general perception, they should contact the GR&A office with specific questions.

In order to receive budget feedback in a timely manner and present grant proposals with high standards of grantsmanship, Research Administrators are encouraged to communicate with their PIs on key target dates mentioned above and follow up with them regularly. For questions, comments, or other suggestions of service, please send emails to



Contact us at or 734-763-4272 / Fax: 734-615-9458

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A list of Grant Services & Analysis is available in the Personnel Directory.