Medical School Information on the ORSP Deadline Policy: Updates & Background

The Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) has announced their Deadline Policy for January, 2020. We have created this webpage to provide updates and background through the process. Please read and consult your department as well as if you have questions.


(July 9, 2019) Research News Article

ORSP Announces Deadline Policy

The Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) has announced the ORSP Deadline Policy coming January 6, 2020. In preparation, we would like to underscore the highlights of their policy, implementation at the Medical School, and further information coming. We are providing the school implementation plan so that departments may formulate an individual approach on handling proposals to meet campus and school expectations.
Highlights of the ORSP Deadline Policy (in effect January 2020)

  • ORSP will provide a Full or Limited review based on when they receive a Dean’s Office signed and finalized application. (Received >4 day = full, <4 days = limited).  
  • ORSP requires all proposals to be approved by the Dean’s Office and finalized in the eRPM system a minimum of 15 business hours before the deadline.  
  • If a project is finalized or school approved less than 15 business hours before the deadline, the proposal will be considered “At Risk.” ORSP will strive to submit, but only after the Limited review is completed. If they do not have time to complete the Limited review, the proposal will not be submitted.

Keep in mind that the ORSP Deadline Policy will apply to projects due to a sponsor on a specific date. This policy will not include those that have target submission dates with flexibility.
We are also announcing the Medical School implementation and key points for faculty to embrace as the campus policy is rolled out. We have extended information about the policy at the Medical School, what you can do now, and what is coming. Please read the full announcement.

Reach out to the Grant Services & Analysis Office at with your questions and concerns. We would like to make the transition as transparent and easy as possible. We value your feedback that we may share with campus or use to further enhance our services within the Medical School to make the ORSP Deadline Policy implementation seamless.


(July 5, 2019) Email #1 – Implementation

School Implementation under the ORSP Deadline Policy

Hello All –

This is the first in a series of emails through the end of calendar 2019. Admittedly, as first email out, it is pretty long. Grab a coffee and settle in!

I wanted to give you a preview of the newsletter article coming out next week in the Office of Research’s Research News. That publication reaches the faculty as well as staff. Not sure which faculty will read every word. I encourage you to read the full article next week. This email is boiled down to the three main highlights:

  1. Under the ORSP Deadline Policy in January 2020, all projects must meet (at a minimum) the Limited Review deadline.  This means all projects must finalize 15 business hours before the sponsor deadline. It does not matter who submits! In addition, for those projects ORSP submits, the Dean’s signature is also expected to meet the 15 business hour deadline…  but in order to guarantee we will, you have to meet the Medical School Deadline (below).  If our office submits directly to NIH, the Dean’s signature timing is removed – but the finalization deadline remains.
  2. You will also read we restated, but did not change, our existing deadline policy. It really is no different. We have been: administrative shell 7 business days before the ORSP deadline of 4 business days (now referred to as a Full Review) -- which when you double counted our signing day as their receipt, became 10 business days. We are in essence keeping and restating as: 10 business days which includes all needed ORSP time. The deadline calculator still works and still calculates the same as before! No changes. If you had a deadline in your unit based on the Med School policy that works for you, you may maintain. Other units may want to tweak or create a policy.
  3. Of note, under the Med School (restated) policy: We will continue what we have always done. Give preference to those that come in first and not sign off until review is complete. Practical translation: If we get the administrative shell on time, we will meet the ORSP deadlines. If we get it after the Medical School deadline, we will do what we can but make no guarantees on timing. In essence, the Medical School isn’t changing anything. But the new ORSP deadline policy may require project teams to rethink the comfort level of being later in the timeline.

Start considering how you will reinforce with faculty and what tools you might need from us… Also what questions does this bring up? Please share those with us so we can help collectively address them and provide information. Email to:

In the coming weeks/months, we anticipate additional Medical School communications on: 

  • The changes in eRPM to PAF Deadline and Target fields, as well as reminder emails, being released July 22
  • Dashboards available for department leadership to have continuous data to identify at-risk units and faculty
  • What to consider when setting a department deadline policy
  • Changes to ORSP business processes prior to the Deadline Policy being in effect
  • eRPM functionality changes (to be released in January, 2020)

This will also be a standing topic at GPAC for the next several months. If you do not attend GPAC, please reach out to your department representative with questions/concerns you would like brought up at that forum. We will release information to the full research admin community, though, to keep all informed

I will also be reaching out to the Chairs, CDAs, and Associate Chairs for Research at various times throughout the rest of 2019 to be sure all are aware of the information.

I hope you are enjoying the summer!

Heather Offhaus
Director, Grant Services & Analysis


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