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NIH and other federal agencies have recently implemented more expansive requirements for disclosing other support and foreign affiliations.  These instructions have increased what U-M previously reported - to include agreements outside U-M, in-kind contributions, and copies of agreements with entities outside the US.  The revised Other Support format also includes a new attestation statement and the requirement for digital signature. We know that this causes confusion, and perhaps apprehension, among faculty as we learn to navigate these new requirements and share the information with federal agencies.  The Medical School has developed tools and resources to supplement campus information to directly aid faculty and staff in remaining compliant.                                     

If you have questions about content or how these rules impact your reporting to U-M or NIH, we encourage you to use the resources below or reach out with your questions to: Other.Support.Questions@umich.edu

Contact Other.Support.Questions@umich.edu to schedule a 1-1 discussion about your specific questions.



Is there a comprehensive list of FAQs?

Central Campus is keeping an FAQ list through their website.

I remembered something that I should have already disclosed... What do I do?

Contact Other.Support.Questions@umich.edu immediately to schedule a 1-1 discussion.  Because the discovery may impact multiple projects, a comprehensive plan for disclosure to all sponsors on all projects impacted will be necessary.  The team at Other.Support.Questions@umich.edu can help navigate and create a plan for you and your team to follow.

What constitutes “Consulting” that needs to be disclosed?

External consulting or collaboration agreements (also called personal services agreements) that involve the design, conduct, or reporting of research need to be included as part of Other Support.  If the agreement is with a non-US entity, also include the agreement as supporting documentation.  If not in English, also provide an English-language copy of the agreement.  (Google Translate is fine.)
Examples of consulting work that likely involves the "design, conduct, or reporting of research" include:

  • work that may result in publication in an academic journal,  
  • designing a protocol,  
  • data analysis,  
  • serving on a steering committee for a clinical trial 

How do I know if my outside agreement is considered foreign?

It is sometimes hard to tell, especially if the company is part of a larger organization with home offices in another country.  If you are unsure if an outside agreement is with a foreign entity (and therefore would require submission of a copy of the agreement with your Other Support), U-M is advising that you may reference the subsidiary name and/or address listed in your agreement. 

Discussion Opportunities

Other Support or Foreign Engagement questions by email

          Advice / Help on interactions with sponsors 
         Questions related to applications:  Biosketches, Foreign Components, Facilities 
          Awards:  JIT Materials & RPPRs: Other Support & Supporting documentation 
          Previously undisclosed Other Support 

          Can pose question by email or request a one-on-one consultation. 

M-Inform questions by email

          General questions about outside interests/potential conflicts of interest & M-Inform disclosures 
          Ongoing one-on-one consultations 

Invite us to your next Faculty Meeting

Share a more in-depth description of requirements 
Address general questions & concerns 
Would you like to request one? Other.Support.Questions@umich.edu 

2/17/22 Research Town Hall – Video and slides

CLICK HERE to watch the 2/17/22 Medical School Research Town Hall for a brief overview on Other Support.   

CLICK HERE for the slides.


Contact us at Other.Support.Questions@umich.edu

A list of Grant Services & Analysis staff is available in the Personnel Directory.