UM/VA IPAs (InterPersonnel Agreements)

Instructions for new agreements and official amendments, and instructions for VA email approval of additional funds on an existing agreement.

Beginning July 1, 2013, the Medical School will review and provide all approvals from the Dean’s level through institutional (ORSP) level.   Please refer to the steps below for how the eRPM system will act and display current processing information.   Any questions may be directed to Jane Sierra in the Grant Review & Analysis Office.

In discussion with ORSP and the VA, we have identified several issues and steps that need to be addressed.  The VA has changed to a new purchase order system for invoicing and that means we have to be very careful about documenting the correct PO Number from the VA and creating a new PAF for each needed Purchase Order.

We particularly encourage you to seek Jane’s advice when there is confusion on what to document on the Proposal Approval Form (PAF) related to dates, dollars, or connection to previous P/Gs for IPAs.

For VA IPA drafted for execution between the UM and VA (new or amendment)

The Project Team will:

  • Create a PAF in eRPM in order to generate a PAF number that will be associated with the agreement;
  • List the appropriate ORSP Project Representative as listed on: for Government Sponsor and your unit
  • Add the PAF number to the upper right hand corner of the agreement prior to routing the agreement;
  • Route the PAF as normal.

When the PAF arrives for Dean Level Review, the Grants Review & Analysis Office will:

  • Review financial terms, proposed dates of agreement, and potential relationships to previous projects, in addition to the usual PAF information on PI, possible space, etc.
  • Sign the PAF on behalf of Dean, ORSP Administrative staff, Project Rep, and Signing Official.
  • Return to Project Team for submission to sponsor.

The Project Team will then:

  • Send the draft agreement to the VA for execution.
  • Complete the Activity:  Log Project Team Submission to Sponsor indicating it has been sent.

Note, during the VA review and execution, they will add a purchase number reference either to the agreement or on the email generated by their system. 

The VA should email the agreement directly to ORSP to complete.

However, if the partially executed agreement is returned to the Project Team:

  • Confirm that the Purchase Order number is listed;
  • Use the activity: Request ORSP Action and include an upload of the VA-signed agreement as well as all other documents that may include the purchase order number.

ORSP Staff will have the PAF in their work queue after the Project Team completes the activity and they will:

  • Respond to the activity that they are handling
  • Confirm that the Purchase Order number is listed.
  • Execute the agreement.
  • Issue the PAN / PAC, as appropriate.

If you need to locate the standard VA Agreement of information from the VA about IPAs, please reference their site:

For VA approved incremental funding on an existing IPA that comes by email:

Added November 2015 -- The VA has begun providing email agreement for increases in IPA agreements due to salary or fringe benefit level changes.  SSC will only invoice up to the amount approved on PANs and subsequent PACs.

To close the gap and provide the institution the needed documentation to invoice the VA for the agreed additional costs, please:

  • Complete a post award change form indicating the project and increase value
  • Attach a copy of the email from the VA indicating that they will allow an increase in billing
  • Use the Project Team Request ORSP Action in eRPM to post the paperwork.

ORSP will review and issue a PAC, which will alert sponsored programs to increase your project allocation, which in turn will allow SSC to bill the VA for the incremental cost.

Remember, if there is any confusion on process, please contact Jane Sierra ( for advice and help.

Updated: November, 2015


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