Student Access to Patient Data

Thumbnail image of Student Access to Clinical Data Chart with captionMichigan Medicine has a number of resources for accessing patient health data for research, including the Precision Health Analytics Platform and DataDirect. Check out the table on the right for more details. Still not sure what resource to use? CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation.


MiChart is the electronic health record system used by Michigan Medicine. Access to MiChart should be considered a last resort and only be requested if other forms of clinical data access have been rigorously considered and found inadequate to achieve the goals of the research project. The use of MiChart patient data for research or quality improvement purposes is a privilege, not a right.  With this privilege comes the responsibility to protect the privacy of individuals whose sensitive data are being studied, and to not use, disclose, or transfer data other than as permitted by IRBMED, Compliance, and federal and state law.

  • Volunteers are not allowed to access MiChart.
  • Undergraduates who successfully complete the requirements below can only access MiChart with a H.I.T.S. core image device on university property under the supervision of their sponsoring faculty/staff member.
  • Graduate students who successfully complete the requirements below can access MiChart remotely with a H.I.T.S. core image device, but only within the United States.

Undergraduate/graduate students who successfully complete the requirements below may be granted read-only permission to MiChart for a limited time period determined by Compliance.

Student Requirements for MiChart Access

Faculty Mentor Requirements

  • Do you accept responsibility for ensuring team members are appropriately trained for use of the system, and will ensure competent team members carry out these responsibilities?
  • Have you listed the student on the IRBMED application?
  • Have you sponsored the student to get a Level 2 account?
  • Undergraduates are only allowed to access MiChart with a H.I.T.S. core image device on university property. Do you have a core image device in your office that the student can use?
  • Have you signed the Responsible Use of Patient Data Attestation (along with the student) and submitted to the Data Office?





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