Self-Serve Data Tools

For your next study, use one of our self-serve tools, which are available free of charge for faculty researchers and their study team members to access both discrete variables and free-text string data from the electronic medical record (EMR). 

These self-serve tools offer access to a variety of clinical data, including:

  • Diagnoses
  • Encounters
  • Labs (ordered and results)
  • Medications (ordered and administered)
  • Procedures

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Are you a researcher on U-M central campus interested in accessing patient data? Don't have a level 2 password? CLICK HERE to learn more about the Precision Health Analytics Platform.

Cohort Discovery                                            

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Inform your study design and determine eligible patients with this easy, self-service tool that enables browsing up-to-date, de-identified data on more than 4 million patients from MiChart.

DataDirect is a self-serve tool enabling access to clinical data such as diagnoses, encounters, procedures, medications (ordered and administered), and labs (ordered and results) on more than 4 million unique patients from across the UMHS enterprise. DataDirect provides aggregate counts for cohort discovery and the ability to download patient health data. 

Log in to DataDirect hereDataDirect button

Cohort Discovery Mode prerequisites include:

  • Level-2 password
  • Completion of any PEERRS module

Need assistance with pulling data in DataDirect?

Do you need to know more about...

  • Accessing DataDirect?
  • Creating a new query?
  • What to do with your cohort results?
  • Requesting data with identifiers?

Answer all of these questions and more with our handy DataDirect User Guide!

More questions? Contact us at Training is also available!

Download Data

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DataDirect PHI

With appropriate IRB approval, researchers can export customized data sets on their defined cohort of patients.

DataDirect provides aggregate counts for cohort discovery, the ability to download patient health data, and in terms of recruitment, the ability to generate automated reports of upcoming appointments. 

Log in to DataDirect here

PHI/Download Data Mode prerequisites include:

  • Level-2 password
  • Completion of any PEERRS module
  • MiChart access
  • IRB approval (Recruitment Mode requires appropriate IRB approval for contacting patients)
  • Complete access request form
  • MLearning (Data Office) training: HITS-10005 Self-Serve Data Tools

Questions? Check out our DataDirect User Guide or contact us at

Text Search

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Support your data discovery with this innovative self-service tool for searching words or phrases in text documents, such as dictated discharge summaries and pathology reports. More info >




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