Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research

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The Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research, a unit of the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research, aims to accelerate research by enabling secure access to patient data through investigator-friendly, self-serve tools, and custom data extracts. 

How We Serve Your Data Needs


Data Security, Privacy & Sharing

Where can you safely store research data that still allows your team to use it? Read more about privacy guidelines and the latest on the campus-wide sharing policy.


Data Access

Get clinical, genetic or radiology data by using DataDirect or one of our other self-serve tools. Too complicated? Also request a custom data extract from our experienced programmers. 


Training & Consultations

Pull the right data for your project with individual or group training on our tools, DataDirect and EMERSE. Trainings are offered throughout the year! 

Data Office Spotlight

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O'Rourke case study


DataDirect Lab Results
Patient Health Records
DataDirect Users


  • Precision Health Analytics Platform Documentation Site – Available via Level-1 U-M login credentials, this site contains user guides, data dictionaries, and other tools and resources to get U-M researchers started with using the Precision Health Analytics Platform to facilitate their research.
  • DataDirect User Guide – Available via PDF download, the DataDirect User Guide includes step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and resources for completing frequently-used tasks. Please note that as DataDirect evolves, concepts presented in the User Guide will remain accurate, but the screenshots may vary slightly within the DataDirect tool.



Contact us or call (734) 615-2100 

North Campus Research Complex, Building 400, 1600 Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

A list of Data Office contacts is available in the Personnel Directory