Study Coordinator Support

Icon of a crowd of peoplePrincipal Investigators can ultimately find a smoother process and save time by taking advantage of our study coordinator pool, which can provide investigators with team members who are already on staff and fully trained. All Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) study coordinators are Good Clinical Practice (GCP) trained, and many coordinators have obtained or are working towards becoming either Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) or Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) certified. The study coordinator services span the entire scope of clinical trial study coordination.

Pairing together the correct coordinator or team of coordinators with the right projects for their knowledge, skills, and abilities is a crucial step in finding success with your research. The complexities and requirements in regulation, policy, and implementation of clinical research require an expert focused in that area. It takes significant time to hire, and then train and develop a clinical research coordinator. This becomes more relevant when the average length of a coordinator staying in their position is less than two years. 

The CTSU study coordinator services offer a model in which our study coordinator effort is recharged to the sponsor or study budget. Using a study coordinator from the pool can provide continuity during study team turnover and cushion faculty from carrying full personnel expenses when they only need fractional support.

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Science Coordinator Services

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The Clinical Research Science Coordinator is an evolving role with roots in the science liaison role from industry. This service offers a great resource to study teams in clinical research: adjunct study team member, Angie Lyden, who can help with infrastructure logistics, and serve as a mentor and guide for early-career investigators and staff. 

Teams working with Angie can now understand the bi-directional associations between research questions, outcome measures, and data management strategies, and how these factors intersect with resources, the welfare of participants, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Angie will work with study teams as an invested partner to navigate the new era of research here at Michigan Medicine.

Among other services, Angie also:

  • Offers support in creating study protocols or documents
  • Provides consultation in designing studies in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards
  • Crafts a fidelity or data management plan
  • Highlights options for collecting physical activity data

Take advantage of this very valuable service! The science coordinator will support study teams with a shared goal of producing good science. Email Angie Lyden ( or call (734-763-2850) to tap into this essential service offered by the Clinical Trials Support Office. 



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