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COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, the Clinical Trials Support Office has worked across business partners to ensure uninterrupted support to research study work conducted at the University of Michigan. Click here to view resources that have been developed to support your clinical research workflow during this time. 

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All clinical research being serviced by a CTSU will be managed in OnCore, an enterprise Clinical Trials Management System. OnCore allows for automated standard interfaces with MiChart, which helps reduce duplicate data entry and integrates clinical research billing for increased efficiency and accuracy. OnCore provides complete subject and financial management for all clinical trials at Michigan Medicine.  

Access to OnCore

In order to receive access to OnCore, you must submit an account request form. If you need clarification as to what role to submit a request for, click here. After you have submitted your request and it is approved by your CTSU Lead Administrator, you will receive information regarding required in-person and online MLearning training specific to your role. Once you have completed all training, you will receive your OnCore account information within 24 business hours.

This form may also be used to request deactivation of contact records and end-user accounts, and also a way to include a stop date for all Protocol Assignments. Account deactivation should be requested as soon as you no longer require access to the OnCore production environment. Requesting deactivation may be performed by the end-user or an authorizing approver.  

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OnCore Support

Need assistance with OnCore? Use these three steps.

  1. Start by using self-help resources available:
    • OnCore training materials – videos available through MLearning
    • OnCore Learning Portal  – a training environment accessed by logging in to OnCore 
    • OnCore Tutor Archive – a repository of the TUTOR newsletter which highlights upcoming training opportunities, Work Guide & Tip Sheet updates, OnCore system updates, end-user questions, and more. 
    • CTSO Tip Sheets – quick reference guides that assist study teams with their clinical research workflow
    • CTSO Work Guides – thorough step-by-step guides that assist study teams with their clinical research workflow
    • Contact an OnCore Super User (below) or speak with other OnCore users
  2. Contact the OnCore Application Support Team (OAST). Click here, to submit a Request for Help. 
  3. HITS will forward the ticket to the OnCore Application Support Team who will help you resolve OnCore task-related questions and custom reporting requests. Tickets are viewed by OAST on a regular basis.

OnCore Super Users

OnCore Super Users are Administrators, Project Managers, Study Coordinators, and Finance Staff across the Medical School who provide OnCore assistance to our clinical research teams. Super Users take on additional duties to ensure migrations, configuration updates, upgrades, and long-term use of OnCore in their department are successful. Super Users provide peer-level application and change management support for their colleagues in order to enhance the successful implementation and adoption of OnCore. Interested in becoming a Super User? Fill out the Volunteer Form!

Contact your Super User

CTSU Leadership

Tracey Naylor, Phone: (734) 998-9979, Behavior, Function, Pain CTSU & Children's

Portfolio Manager

Heather Golden, Phone: (734) 998-7636, goldenh@med.umich.edu, Behavior, Function & Pain, Children's, and Heart, Vessel, Blood CTSU

Ranae Hoeft, Phone: (734) 647-8922, hoeftr@umich.edu, Behavior, Function & Pain and Children's CTSU

Elizabeth Wu, Phone: (734) 764-4048, elizwu@med.umich.edu, Ambulatory & Chronic Disease CTSU

Study Coordinator

Andy Brosius, Phone: (734) 764-9692, abrosius@umich.edu, Int Med-Gastroenterology

Elizabeth Enselman,  Phone: (734) 763-5437, esibilsk@med.umich.edu, Oncology CTSU – Regulatory

Jaimee Gauthier, Phone: (734) 647-0050, jaimeeg@med.umich.edu, Orthopedic Surgery

Lindsay Godsey, Phone: (734) 936-9798, godseyli@med.umich.edu, Ophthalmology

Callie Gordon, Phone: (734) 615-8560, callieg@umich.edu, Ophthalmology & Visual Science

Rachael Gravelle, Phone: (734) 764-9306, gravelle@med.umich.edu, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Jamie Guyot, Phone: (734) 936-4817, jamieann@med.umich.edu, Neurology 

Reema Kadri, Phone: (734) 998-7120, rkadri@med.umich.edu, Behavior, Function & Pain CTSU

Dawn Kruse, Phone: (734) 615-3266, dmkruse@med.umich.edu, Peds Pulmonary

Angela Lyden, Phone: (734) 232-0484, alyden@med.umich.edu, Behavior, Function & Pain CTSU

Beatriz Mitrzyk, Phone: (734) 763-5150, bmitrzyk@umich.edu, Pharmacy

Norman Olbrich, Phone: (734) 936-1432, onorman@umich.edu, Acute, Critical Care, Surgery & Transplant

Jordyn Sessel, Phone: (734) 615-0934, jsessel@umich.edu, Orthopedic Surgery

Cindy Smith, Phone: (734) 615-0590, csmithw@med.umich.edu, Peds Cardiology

Shu-Te Tsai, Phone: (734) 763-2964, shute@med.umich.edu, Oncology CTSU

Sarah Volk, Phone: (734) 936-5704, stomanic@umich.edu, Int Med-Gastroenterology

CTSU Finance

Jim Dickelman, jdklmn@med.umich.edu, Post-Award Lead, M-CTSU

Becky Earwood, Phone: (734) 998-9994, rearwood@umich.edu, Pre-Award Lead, M-CTSU

Shelly Glorioso, Phone: (734) 763-0320, glorioso@med.umich.edu, Pre-Award, M-CTSU

Amy Oliver, Phone: (734) 998-9993, amyjo@med.umich.edu, Pre-Award Manager, M-CTSU


Kristen Matta, Phone: (734) 998-6567, kmatta@med.umich.edu, Clinical Research Billing Unit

Sadeepa Munasinghesmunasin@med.umich.edu, Clinical Research Billing Unit

Anne Przykucki, Phone: (734) 998-7165, aprzykuc@med.umich.edu, Clinical Research Billing Unit

Timothy Van Dijktimvdijk@med.umich.edu, Clinical Research Billing Unit

Sarah Weathers, Phone: (734) 998-6567, skweathe@umich.edu, Clinical Research Billing Unit


Contact us here, to submit a Request for Help.

MBNI Building, 205 Zina Pitcher Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

A list of CTSO-CTSU contacts are available in the Personnel Directory.