Scheduling Guidelines

Icon of a calendar checkedContact MCRU Central Scheduling by emailing for all locations and services. Please be advised that schedule requests outside of these guidelines will be directed to the Scheduling Coordinators, as they are best suited to assist you. 
  • All scheduling requests must be entered into MiChart Inbasket
  • Please only check service boxes if they are to be performed by MCRU clinical staff.
  • The "Comment" section is an excellent way to relay additional information such as specific room requests or special instructions.
  • The cutoff for lab processing appointments is 5:00 PM.
  • For process instructions, please view the MCRU In Basket Workflow for Scheduling Requests MiChart tip sheet.  
  • Use the high priority flag for same-day and next-day requests entered past the 12:00 PM cutoff time. 

Outpatient Appointments: 
Have a 12:00 PM cut-off the business day before the appointment request. All requests need to go into MiChart InBasket.

Electronic Billing Sheet:
The electronic billing sheet is for when MCRU Staff and Study Team members are unable to check-in/check-out participants in accordance with the standard MiChart process. The form is to be submitted by MCRU Staff or Study Team members who are providing participant care.

In collaboration with Study Teams, MCRU has developed a Tip Sheet to highlight best practices for study amendments that affect MCRU services. The one-page table highlights key actions and clarities to facilitate efficiency and transparent communication. 



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