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The Behavior, Function, and Pain (BFP) CTSU represents the group of investigators who conduct trials that involve behavioral interventions, or behavioral or biomedical trials, intended to impact the following types of outcomes: health behaviors (physical activity, self-management), psychological states (e.g. mood, anxiety), maladaptive behaviors (e. g. substance use, eating disorders), physical function (e. g. recovery from stroke, rehabilitation therapies), psychosocial function, or pain.

The interventions included in trials typically covered by this CTSU may involve exercise, self-management, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other non-pharmacological aspects that help to manage and prevent chronic disease, illness, or disability. The BFP CTSU is also available to consult and/or provide expert services for interventional clinical trials supported by other CTSUs. Trials of medications or devices with outcomes such as psychological state, activity levels or functional measures are included. CTSU-supported studies may also include innovative use of technology, such as brain stimulation devices, smartphone apps, accelerometers or other physical activity monitors, and actigraphy for sleep monitoring. 

A major goal of this CTSU is to assist investigators and staff who are junior or new to these types of clinical trials, providing access to the unique resources required for behavioral interventions and assessments. In addition to the standardized pre- and post-award support provided by each CTSU, BFP offers a clinical research science coordinator who provides a variety of services and guidance available to all seven CTSUs. Click here to learn more about the clinical research science coordinator service. 

In Fall 2018 BFP is launching a formal mentorship program to promote professional development and career advancement for research staff. Applications are expected to be accepted late Summer 2018. 


A research study in which one or more human subjects are prospectively assigned to one or more interventions (which may include placebo or other control) to evaluate the effects of those interventions on health-related biomedical or behavioral outcomes. Correctly identifying whether your study is a clinical trial is crucial in complying with NIH policies and Michigan Medicine.

If you answer yes to the following questions, then your study qualifies as a clinical trial:

  • Does the study involve one or more human subjects?
  • Does the study involve the use of one or more interventions?
  • Does the study prospectively assign human subject(s) to an intervention(s)?
  • Does the study have a health-related biomedical or behavioral outcome(s)?

Learn more about the NIH Clinical Trial Definition at

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Feasibility Review Support
The Feasibility Review, conducted by the appropriate CTSU, looks at the whole picture of a potential clinical trial to prevent unexpected challenges in its execution and to open to accrual in a timely manner. LEARN MORE.


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Pre-/Post-Award Support
Clinical Trials Support Units keep studies on track during the pre- and post-award process. A CTSU portfolio manager follows a study along its lifecycle and assists teams on their path to study activation. LEARN MORE.

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Study Coordinator Support
Principal Investigators can ultimately find a smoother process and save time by taking advantage of our study coordinator pool, which can provide investigators with team members who are already on staff and fully trained. LEARN MORE.


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