Clinical Trials Support Units

Graphic depicting the CTSO and CTSUs as cogs Clinical Trials Support Units (CTSUs) are business units that partner with investigators and their teams to ensure the timely and efficient activation and execution of clinical trials at Michigan Medicine. A faculty Medical Director(s) experienced in conducting clinical research leads each unit with support from a senior administrator.

The CTSUs allow investigators to focus on their research and patients, instead of administrative tasks. CTSUs use a standard set of work guides to harmonize elements across the clinical research enterprise while allowing for local flexibility to reflect the uniqueness of various types of research. CTSUs provide mandatory pre-/post- award support and optional study coordinator support.

All of our CTSUs offer a Finance Lead, Contract & Grants Specialist, Project Coordinator, and Study Coordinator Support. Learn more about each Clinical Trials Support Unit and the unique services that they offer below.

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Contact us at

MBNI Building, 205 Zina Pitcher Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

CTSU Lead Administrator contact information is available in the Personnel Directory.