Clinical Trials Spotlight - VeraCept

Image of the VeraCept IUDThe Ambulatory and Chronic Disease CTSU is currently supporting the Phase III investigational drug and device trial, VeraCept, sponsored by Sebela Pharmaceuticals Inc. VeraCept is a new Intrauterine Device (IUD) that is a flexible, hormone-free, low-dose copper device designed to prevent pregnancy.
Led by investigator, Jason Bell, MD, MPH, the study team will be evaluating the effectiveness, safety, and subject tolerability of the IUD. VeraCept contains less than half of the copper in other hormone-free IUDs and the frame is designed for more flexibility when placed. When asked how this IUD differs from similar devices, Elizabeth Wu, Portfolio Manager – ACD CTSU, stated, “prior studies have shown there has been less insertion discomfort due to the smaller, flexible frame. There has also been reports of lower rates of removal due to pain and bleeding compared to the other existing copper IUD.”
With a goal of accruing over 1,600 subjects, the study has currently enrolled approximately 650 participants at all sites. This study will span 3 years with a possible extension of up to 5 years.

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