Clinical Trials Spotlight - Tinnitus

Image of a man suffering from tinnitus A New Device Eases Tinnitus Symptoms

A new study led by Susan Shore, Ph.D., based in the Department of Otolaryngology at Michigan Medicine, will be joining the Neurosciences & Sensory (NSS) CTSU for Phase II of their trial. Phase I of her study shows that an experimental device could help quiet the phantom sounds caused by Tinnitus by targeting unruly nerve activity in the brain.

Tinnitus is brought on by exposure to loud noises, head or neck trauma, or other triggering events, and causes some people to develop a persistent sensation that they're hearing sounds like ringing or a grinding noise. About 15 percent of Americans have some level of tinnitus, but the worst symptoms occur in about 10 percent - roughly 20 million people. 

"Dr. Shore has been making amazing advances in the Otolaryngology community," says Kathy Keeley, Lead Administrator of the NSS CTSU. "We are excited to be partnering with her on the next phase of her trial, and to show strong University of Michigan leadership with this important research."

To learn more about Phase I of Dr. Shore's trial, click here. Recruitment for the next clinical trial will begin in early 2018, with the trial expected to start in late summer. 


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