Clinical Trials Spotlight - Spine Pain

Image of a man holding his back from spine painA New Approach for Patients With Chronic Spine Pain

Exciting things are happening in the Behavior, Function and Pain Clinical Trials Support Unit (BFP CTSU). A new trial lead by Dr. Afton Hassett, Promoting Resilience Through Innovative Self-Management (PRISM), is working to better manage chronic neck and back pain (i.e. chronic spine pain).

Chronic spine pain affects an estimated 60 million Americans, which results in over 52 million healthcare visits annually. Persistent pain in the neck and/or back is perhaps the most common type of chronic pain affecting American adults with an estimated cost of $253 billion annually. Visit the Bone and Joint Initiative's website to learn more about chronic spine pain.

The PRISM study tests two self-management programs. Both programs are accessed online and coached by medical assistants by phone. The programs teach skills based on cognitive-behavioral therapy to manage pain, and one program adds resilience skills training.

The objective of the PRISM study is to address emotional well-being in a more targeted way to aid subjects in their pain management. "By employing cognitive-behavioral therapy and teaching our patient's resilience skills," study coordinator Sana Shaikh explains, "we hope that our patients are able to thrive in their everyday lives despite their chronic pain. With the PRISM approach, we are incredibly optimistic about improving the quality of life in patients suffering from chronic spine pain."

CLICK HERE to learn more about the PRISM study.



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