Clinical Trials Spotlight - Malignant Glioma

photo of immunotherapy interacting with cellsThe Oncology CTSU is currently supporting a Non-randomized, Open-label Dose-finding Trial of Combined Cytotoxic and Immune-stimulatory Strategy for the Treatment of Resectable Primary Malignant Glioma.
Malignant Glioma is a rare disease impacting less than 200,000 people per year. Glioma cells are one of the most aggressive and malignant tumors with a median survival rate of 14-20 months post-diagnosis. The cells invade the brain which increases the difficulty of treatment.
Principal Investigator, Pedro Lowenstein, MD, PhD’s trial is working to reconstitute the brain immune system to initiate an anti-glioma immune response by injecting adenoviral vectors into the resection cavity or remaining tumor.
“We’re happy to be supporting this revolutionary immunotherapy trial,” said Matt Innes, Lead Administrator – Oncology CTSU. “This treatment has shown promising results in increasing survival in patients diagnosed with this rare disease." 

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