Central Biorepository Spotlight: Prechter Bipolar Genetic Registry

PI: Melvin McInnis, M.D.brain

As part of the Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Genes Project, the Prechter Bipolar Genetics Repository has been established to study and conquer bipolar disorder. Our repository is the nation’s largest privately-funded bipolar genetics repository, and is collecting DNA samples from people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as healthy individuals. The University of Michigan is collaborating on this effort with our independently approved partner sites: Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Stanford and Weill Cornell Universities.

Together, these investigators are working with their research teams on specific studies to collect phenotypic information, or observable traits, and DNA on thousands of bipolar individuals and control participants. They are also collecting a depth of data and biological materials gathered on the research participants who contribute the samples, including imaging data, electrophysiology, nutrition, stem cells, sleep, medication data, and speech data. The repository data has a richness unlike any other collection of bipolar research data in the world.

The Genetics Repository enables pilot studies to address bolder questions. Studies that are based on new findings will be able to proceed more expeditiously. The Genetics Repository is a vitally important tool to rapidly accelerate genetic research, one of the most significant areas of study today.

The goal of the Prechter Bipolar Genetics Repository is to one day provide confidential, coded DNA samples and clinical information to scientists worldwide to accelerate knowledge breakthroughs.

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Central Biorepository Spotlight: Bipolar Disorder


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