Video Conference Information

Webcast events utilize the Blue Jeans Network, a cloud-based audio/video/content-sharing conferencing service supported by the University of Michigan.  

The following event is currently scheduled to be webcast:  

The Path to Sustained Excellence
Monday, March 14, 2016
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
CLICK HERE for event details

How to Access the Live Webcast 

Login details, including direct links to the live webcast, for all meetings will be posted with the event information above. Please continue to check this page for any changes or updates that may affect the webcast leading up to the event. 

  • Unless otherwise noted, Level-1 (kerberos) U-M login credentials will be required to access the webcast, regardless of where you are joining from (either on or off campus). Please note: If you have already logged in to a U-M system in your web browser on the day of the webcast, you may not be prompted to re-enter your credentials to access the live event.
  • Any of the following can be used to connect to the webcast:
    • Standard telephone (audio-only connection)
    • Internet-enabled devices, including:
      • All iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
      • Desktop or laptop computer
      • Tablet or smartphone* 

At this time, Blue Jeans webcasting is NOT supported on Android devices. Please find an alternate method to connect.  

Screenshot of Blue Jeans mobile app login screen
  • If using a desktop or laptop computer to connect to the webcast, you may be prompted to join the meeting via browser or Blue Jeans app. For optimal performance, we recommend joining the meeting via browser.
  • If using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to connect to the webcast, you may be prompted to download and install the Blue Jeans app. Follow these steps to connect to the webcast through the Blue Jeans app:
    • When directed to the webcast login page (see screenshot at right), enter ONLY your email address
    • Upon entering your email address, you’ll be directed to the standard U-M login screen to enter your uniqname and Level-1 (kerberos) password
    • After entering your Level-1 login information you will be placed into the live webcast  

How to Ask Questions During the Live Webcast  

Screenshot of Blue Jeans mobile app

During the live webcast, moderators will collect questions from the audience to ask the presenter. Those accessing the webcast via standard telephone (audio-only connection) will be unable to submit questions. If you would like to submit questions during the live webcast, please use an internet-enabled device (computer, smartphone, tablet) to connect.   

To submit a question during the webcast: 

  • Click on the chat bubble icon (see screenshot at right), type your question,
    and hit Send/Submit
  • The “raise hand” icon (also pictured) does NOT work to submit questions to the moderator(s) and/or for addressing technical concerns 

Technical Support 

For general instructions about using Blue Jeans or other videoconferencing services at U-M, please visit the ITS Blue Jeans Videoconferencing website or contact the ITS Service Center