What do I do with it? (use cases)

There are many different uses for Michigan Experts, some of which are outlined below. Please review the sample use cases below as a starting point for how to use Michigan Experts to identify expertise and enable collaboration in your institution and beyond.

We welcome your input to make Michigan Experts as complete and accurate as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at experts-help@umich.edu.

Navigating an Expert’s Profile

You can access a researcher’s profile in Michigan Experts by conducting a search by last name. First, click on By Last Name underneath the search box at the top-right side of the screen. Input the last name of the researcher you want to find in the search engine. Select the name from the list provided to pull up their profile.

Each Michigan Experts profile includes a pre-populated list of publications for that researcher from Scopus. You can sort the list by year and citation count. Click on any of the publications to access the full publication details, including the abstract and related publications.

Each profile also includes the researcher’s unique research Fingerprint, which shows key concepts across the content that makes up their profile, such as publications or grants. The length of the bars indicates the significance of each term relative to all of their research concepts, adding stronger weight to those concepts that are more unique. Click on the plus symbol to the left of any of the concepts to see which publications caused the chosen term to appear. Click on the concept itself to run a search for other researchers at the University of Michigan who have focused on the same concept in their own work.

Within each profile, you can also access an inventory of journals in which the researcher has published, a list of similar experts, and detailed views of their co-author and institutional networks. In addition, you can access interactive visualizations to identify trends in their research output over time and explore relationships in their co-author network.

Finding Experts in a Specific Concept

You can easily identify experts by searching Michigan Experts for a concept of interest. If you’re a researcher, these could be collaborators for a new project. If you’re a graduate student, these could be mentors or faculty with specific research interests.

Simply input the concept in the search engine at the top of any page and search ‘By Concept’. You can also click on any concept throughout the tool to instantly search on that term.

The list of researchers is organized in order of how relevant the chosen concept is to each author’s publication history in Scopus. To the right of each researcher’s name is the number of publications the author has produced as well as the number of grants received.

Michigan Experts also provides you with a list of additional concepts that appear in conjunction with your original search term to help you narrow your search. Add or remove concepts to refine your search.

Click on the plus symbol to the left of the researcher to access his or her publications which are associated with the concept or group of concepts you searched. Click on the researcher’s name to access his or her profile.

Michigan Experts also provides you with tools to identify experts outside of your institution. You can select the Community tab to pull up a list of experts in other institutions that have their own Experts applications.

You can also select the DIRECT2Experts tab to identify experts at other institutions that are part of the US National Network via DIRECT, a pilot project facilitated by the Clinical & Translational Science Award Consortium, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health. This initiative links different research networking systems together to form a national network.

Finding Similar Experts in Your Institution

In addition to searching by concept in Michigan Experts, you can also identify potential collaborators by using the Similar Experts feature. Pull up your own profile and click on the Similar Experts tab.

Michigan Experts shows researchers in your institution whose Fingerprints closely resemble yours, categorized as co-authors and non-co-authors. Click on a researcher’s name to access his or her profile, where you can view the researcher’s individual Fingerprint, publication history, and respective list of similar experts.

Learning about an Individual’s Research Activities

You can learn about a faculty member’s research interests and activities with just a few steps in Michigan Experts. First, click on By Last Name underneath the search box at the top-right side of the screen. Enter the last name of the faculty member you are searching for. Select the faculty member from the list provided to view his or her profile.

Click on the Publication tab to view the author’s list of publications from Scopus, automatically updated in Michigan Experts each week. The publications have been manually reviewed by Elsevier, ensuring the list is as accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date as possible. You can sort the articles by year or citation count, enabling you to quickly identify the researcher’s most current or most influential publications.

Look at the Trends view to understand how the faculty member’s research interests have changed over time. This view presents the most significant concepts appearing in his or her work. The height of each colored line represents the number of publications including the concept for a particular year, showing the emergence of new research topics and changes in publication volume about these topics over time. You can adjust this visualization to focus on a specific period of time or add and remove concepts using the checkboxes below.

Finding the Right Faculty for a Funding Opportunity

You can identify potential collaborators for a funding opportunity in Michigan Experts by searching for experts in a single concept, outlined earlier in this video series, or by running a full text search.

By conducting a free text search, Michigan Experts generates a Fingerprint of the text and matches this fingerprint against the fingerprints of faculty members in your institution.

This can be done with any Request for Applications, Program Announcement, calls for proposals, funding announcements, abstract, or other text you may have available.

First, simply copy the text. Then, return to Michigan Experts and click on “By Free Text” underneath the search box at the top-right side of the screen. This opens up the free text search box.

Paste the text into the search box, select a domain to generate a Fingerprint that is matched to researcher expertise, and then click Find. Michigan Experts provides you with a list of experts whose research output overlaps with the fingerprint generated from the text.

To the right, you can view this Fingerprint and tailor your search by changing the weight of concepts, making certain concepts an absolute requirement, more or less important, or removing them entirely. As you modify your search criteria, Michigan Experts refines the list of experts.

Navigating Your Co-author Network

Michigan Experts makes it easy to navigate your co-author network. From your profile, simply click Co-author Network to access a career-long list of your co-authors inside and outside of your institution. To the right of each researcher’s name you’ll find the number of shared publications and a histogram showing the author’s research output over time.

Click on the plus symbol to the left of the researcher’s name to access the publications you co-authored. Click on an internal coauthor’s name to access his or her profile.

You can also pull up an interactive visualization of your co-author network in Michigan Experts. Click Research Network. Here you see a map of your co-author network. The visualization continually reshapes itself to find the best view. Click anywhere in the box to pause the visualization.

The red circle represents you, the profiled researcher, and the purple circles represent your internal co-authors. The larger the circle, the more publications that researcher has produced. The lines connecting two researchers represent papers that they have published together. The thicker the line, the more shared publications.

Click on a line connecting two researchers to see which papers they published together.

Scroll over a circle to bring up the researcher’s name. Click on the circle to access a list of the top 10 concepts across the content that makes up their profile, such as publications or grants. Here you can also access a list of their most recent publications or grants.

Click on the researcher’s name to access his or her full profile in Michigan Experts . From within their profiles you can explore their own co-author networks to identify potential collaborators.