Budget Templates

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We have been asked to provide tools to facilitate budgeting and translation of the budget into sponsor forms.  These formats may help ease the transition.  If you have any comments, improvements, or suggested new formats, please contact msgrants@umich.edu.

All templates have formulas embedded. They will "break" if formulas are overwritten. We recommend always doing a "Save As" to preserve the original formulas. Please read all instructions included!

Budget Formats

SF424 Modular (Excel)
This excel form will help you take cost estimates, average over time, and determine how to populate a modular SF424 budget. It includes both a worksheet for drafting a budget, as well as carrying the totals into replica 424 forms. Also provides calculations for face page and PAF routing form. 

SF424 Categorical (Excel)
Like the modular, this includes a worksheet for details in the non-personnel categories that will roll up into the main form and this will give you the placement of costs on the 424 pages. Also provides numbers for face page and PAF form.

PHS 398 Single Budget with a Straight Increase (Excel)
This form is all but obsolete for use with NIH and the form has not been updated, so the subcontract costs are totaled a bit differently on the current 398 form and the checklist is no longer a combined multi-year total. HOWEVER, this is a good format for checking a budget, playing with internal budgets, or mocking up numbers for another sponsor.

PHS 398 Budgets Change Year to Year (Excel)
This form is also old and does not conform to current 398 placement of subcontract costs or checklist information. However, it is a reasonable template for mocking up internal budgets, especially complex ones that have constantly changing costs. It will increase costs by a standard %, but requires re-entry of all effort and other costs with space to enter detailed information.  It has similar functionality to the SF424 Traditional, but is for those that are more comfortable in the 398 world.

PHS 398 Program Projects with a Straight Increase (Excel)
This form allows you to add up to 8 budgets and calculate your cumulative totals. You may also track indirect cost exclusions by project and have those accumulate for the final checklist calculation. Like the two previous, it has not been updated for the change in subcontract position or the indirect cost calculation by year instead of total, but it does offer a very close look and feel with final numbers.

Quick Calculations (Excel)
This is a non-form driven template that allows you to quickly calculate the Modular and K Award costs, including numbers for face page and PAF form.

VA MoUs and VA Cost Share Form

- 1/7/2018 and after (Excel)
VA Cost Share form provided by the VA (PDF)

MoUs are required to be filled out for all faculty with a joint VA/UM appointment. The attached Excel form contains all needed MoU, cost share, and HR distribution information – including the application of PHS Salary Cap I & II.   Please see below for Salary Cap guida

  - 1/8/2017 through 1/6/2018

-1/10/2016 through 1/7/2017 (Excel)

- 1/11/2015 through 1/9/2016 (Excel)
   - 1/12/2014 through 1/10/15 (Excel)
  - Prior to 1/12/2014 (Excel)


Calculation and Instructions for Use of PHS Salary Cap (Levels I & II) – Non-VA

  – 1/7/2018 and After (Excel)
   - Prior to 1/6/2018 (Excel)


This spreadsheet will walk you through capturing effort distribution over multiple projects, allow you to apply multiple caps to one individual capturing project award dates, and calculate effort and salary distributions (by project/grant and including the amount “over the cap”) in the HR system.


Medical School General Directions and Instructions (PDF)           

Questions? Contact Grant Review & Analysis at 734-763-4272 or msgrants@umich.edu.