The Michigan Budget Enrollment Calendar Tool (MBECT), formerly known as CT-BECT, CTS and eThority, is a mandatory tool to provide research study teams with one point of data entry for building a clinical research budget, billing calendar, MCRU schedule of events, and for submitting and tracking subject enrollment. If you currently prepare billing calendars and/or budgets, or enroll subjects, it will be necessary for you to learn about MBECT. Please contact CRAO-MBECT-Help@med.umich.edu.



Clinical Research Billing and Enrollment Policy Update
Effective January 1, 2014

All trials that have a billing calendar and/or meet the definition of a UM Clinical Trial are required to enroll in MBECT, including Clinical trials exempt from completing a billing calendar.

A UM Clinical Trial is defined as: a prospective, biomedical or behavioral research study of human subjects that is designed to answer specific questions about biomedical or behavioral interventions (drugs, biologics, treatments, devices, procedural interventions, or new ways of using known drugs, biologics, treatments, or devices); behavioral interventions are intended to prevent or treat an acute or chronic disease or condition.

Enrollment must be entered in MBECT no later than the same day the informed consent is signed. The timely submission of enrollment information, in conjunction with the final approved billing calendar, is essential for compliant routing of charges and insurance claim submissions.

For the complete updated policy please visit http://www.med.umich.edu/i/policies/umh/01-04-701.htm

To enter enrollment on exempt studies, please refer to these steps on making an exempt calendar and our quick guide to entering exempt subjects in less than ten steps. (PDFs)

Have more questions? Refer to our Enrollment Policy FAQs (PDF Last Updated 12/20/13)

Please click here for a copy of the letter sent to researchers on 12/18/13. (PDF)

This topic was discussed at the MiChart Research Update Presentations on 1/8/14 and 1/15/14. See the relevant slides here. (PDF)


MBECT General Help: 

Access MBECT

  • Sign in here with your Uniqname and your Level-2 Password:
    •  MBECT
    • Trying to access MBECT from an offsite workstation? You may need to login through the VPN. Details can be found here or by contacting MSIS or MCIT for support.

 Adding New Users

  • If you only need access to the Clinical Research Pricing Tool section of MBECT, please contact the help desk.
  • If you are new to the MBECT application, please have your super user complete the user security form (PDF) and return it via email to the MBECT Help Desk at CRAO-MBECT-Help@med.umich.edu.  
  • Not sure who the super user is for your department, please contact MBECT help desk at CRAO-MBECT-HELP@med.umich.edu?
  • You will need a Level-2 Password to access MBECT. A Level-2 password can be obtained by following these instructions:

MBECT Training

  • Hands-on Training: MBECT Training has changed!
    • We have moved to "On Demand" training to better meet our Research Partner's needs. Now we can meet when your schedule is open and we can personalize the format of the training to fit your Research requirements! Send us an email for your personalized Training Session; CRAO-MBECT-Help@med.umich.edu
  • MLearning: Can't make it in person? No problem. MLearning lets you learn from your workstation on your schedule. Access MLearning here and search the catalog for the keyword CRAO:
    • MLearning
      • Check here for additional information about what is included in each module.
      • CRAO-10016: MBECT Billing Calendar Overview
      • CRAO-10014: MBECT Billing Calendar Header
      • CRAO-10017: MBECT Billing Calendar Visits
      • CRAO-10013: MBECT Billing Calendar Cycles and Visits
      • CRAO-10015: MBECT Billing Calendar Items and Search Filter
      • CRAO-10012: MBECT Billing Calendar Activity
      • CRAO-10019: MBECT Item Favorites
      • CRAO-10018: MBECT Subject Enrollment
      • CRAO-10021: MBECT Personnel Input
    • Complete the MLearning Modules below for Financial Training! After completing all modules access is granted in MBECT, Just submit your completed transcripts for expanded access to MBECT Financial Modules.
      • CRAO-10025 MBECT Financials: Visit Management
      • CRAO-10027 MBECT Financials: Paments
      • CRAO-10029 MBECT Financials: Advances
      • CRAO-10035 MBECT Financials: Milestone and Analysis
      • CRAO-10037 MBECT Financials: Invoices
    • Can’t find an option that works for you? We won’t let that happen. Contact the help desk and we’ll find a way to make something work for you. CRAO-MBECT-Help@med.umich.edu or call (734) 764-KNOW (5669).
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MBECT Tips and Tricks Newsletter

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