UMMS Central Biorepository

Our mission is to facilitate discovery and improve healthcare outcomes by providing high quality, highly annotated biospecimens donated for basic, clinical and translational research.  

College of American Pathologists Accredidated

Access to Biospecimens and Data
Biospecimens collected at Michigan Medicine clinics are discoverable through DataDirect.  Genetic, survey, and laboratory data may also be available through collaboration with the principal investigator(s) of the U-M research program that has contributed the biospecimens. Researchers wishing to acquire samples and associated data may submit a Use Proposal Form for approval from a program-specific Oversight Committee. All access requests are subject to applicable regulations and IRB approvals. Whenever possible, the Central Biorepository (CBR) will provide a final dataset in coded form (i.e., without personal identifiers of research subjects) for analysis. A view of currently available biospecimen types can be found in the table below.

 Note - Whole blood is stored in Paxgene tubes for DNA or RNA isolation.

Primary research cohort indicates the original investigative purpose for sample collection. Samples from Michigan Medicine will have data related to these indications, as well as the full complement of the electronic health records.  Additional data specific to the primary research area may be available through the Principal Investigator of that Program. All cohorts have oversight committees governing use and distribution, and secondary uses are subject to approval.

For those interested in materials from patients with chronic kidney disease, please visit the Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network or The Clinical Phenotyping and Resource Biobank Core of the The George M. O’Brien Kidney Translational Core Center.

For those interested in sample from the Breast Oncology Program, please contact Dr. Daffyd Thomas,  Breast cancer materials are available only on tissue microarrays of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

Create a Collection
The Central Biorepository infrastructure is available to researchers, departments, centers, and institutes at the University of Michigan who are looking to create a biobank resource for their own use, as well as contribute to an enterprise-wide biorepository. Biorepository services are subsidized to promote collaboration among investigators and sharing and distribution of specimens. Contributing investigators may establish the Oversight Committee, according to Medical School standards, that will have decision-making authority for distribution requests from the collection. More information on how to create a CBR collection can be found here.

The CBR maintains a Certificate of Confidentiality, provided by the National Institutes of Health, to protect the identities of research subjects. The Certificate applies to biospecimens and research data associated with or derived from them and subject to CBR governance policies.