Human Research Institutional Review

Core Committees

Institutional Review Boards – The University of Michigan has four Institutional Review Boards:
IRB Medical School (IRBMED)
IRB Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences (IRB-HSBS)
IRB Dearborn
IRB Flint
To begin your IRB application, you must start by logging into eResearch Regulatory Management. The eResearch system will determine the which of the following committees will review the application based on how the questions in the application are answered.

Comprehensive Cancer Center Protocol Review Committee
The U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center Protocol Review Committee (PRC) is a multidisciplinary committee charged with providing peer review of the scientific merit, prioritization and progress of all cancer clinical trial research to be conducted at UMHS. All appropriate cancer-related research protocols and revisions to approved protocols must receive full PRC approval prior to submission to the Ancillary Committees and finally, IRBMED.

Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU)
MCRU provides the clinical staff, resources, and infrastructure necessary to conduct human clinical research protocols at the U-M.

Ancillary Committees

BEU (Biomedical Engineering Unit)
COI - Med (Conflict of Interest - Med)
COI - OVPR (Conflict of Interest - OVPR)
CRAO (Clinical Research Calendar Review & Analysis Office)
IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee)
IDS (Investigational Drug Service)
MADRC (Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center)
MICHR Biostatistics
Privacy Board
RDRC/SHUR (Radioactive Drug Research Committee/Sub-Committee on the Human Use of Radioisotopes)
TPC (Tissue Procurement Core)

IRB Review/Approval

The final review of a biomedical eResearch application is conducted by IRBMED. Please contact the IRBMED Office at or 734-763-4768 with any questions.