Woman Researcher Looking Through Microscope

The Office of Research supports the research mission of the University of Michigan Medical School, where our team works diligently to foster an environment of innovation and efficiency.

Policies, committees, day-to-day lab management, disseminating research results —  a wide variety of activities and offices impact biomedical research projects here at the U-M. In addition to the resources listed below, we also encourage you to use the Research Project Route Map, which actually illustrates the path researchers navigate from the initial idea to finding funding, conducting research, publishing results and translating those results to impact human health. 

In June 2012, the Dean of the Medical School committed over $100 million to a long-term Strategic Research Initiative that aligns the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) around a common research vision.  Implemented by the U-M Medical School Office of Research, the initiative is built around three key pillars: 

    • Leverage existing areas of research strength
    • Align interests and expertise, and invest in enabling infrastructure
    • Engage basic, translational, clinical, and health outcomes researchers

Resulting in ground-breaking, innovative science, the Strategic Research Initiative will “fast forward” research at the U-M Health System and shape the future of human health and global healthcare policy.

Download a timeline to learn more details about the genesis of the UMHS Strategic Research Initiative. (PDF)