BRCF Strategic Investments

The Biomedical Research Core Facilities have made significant investments in new technology and equipment for the cores, including:

Biosafety Containment Core

Year Awarded
Thermo Scientific Revco Elite Plus -86C Upright Freezer FY 2012
(2) Unrefrigerated Centrifuges FY 2012
Thermo Sorvall Legend X1R Centrifuge (with rotors and carriers) FY 2012

DNA Sequencing Core

Year Awarded
MassARRAY Nanodispenser RS 1000, 24-pin FY 2013
Illumina HiSeq 2500 High Throughput Sequencer and one cBot Cluster Generation System FY 2013
Ion Proton Sequencing System  FY 2012
QuantStudio System to perform high-throughput real-time PCR analyses  
IntegenX Apollo 24 workstation  
(2) Eppendorf EP-Motion workstations  
Roche REMy System Attachment (for existing Biomek FX robot)  
Pacific Biosciences 'RS'  
Applied Biosystems Model 3730XL Genetic Analyzer FY 2012
Ion Proton Personal Genome Machine with associated OneTouch sample prep system FY 2012
Qiagen PyroMark Q96 MD DNA Sequencing System FY 2012
ABI Real-time Thermal Cycler Package: QuantStudio and StepOne FY 2012
Upgrade for one Illumina HiSeq 2000 to 2500 FY 2012
Ion Proton System FY 2012
(2) Thermocyclers FY 2011
(2) Illumina Hi Seq 2000 FY 2011
(2) Illumina cBot FY 2011
Uninterruptable Power Supply FY 2011
Illumina iScan ("Beadstation") FY 2011
Additional Computers for Heavy Computational Processing of Next Gen DNA Sequencing Data FY 2011
Service Contract for Biomek FX Dual MC/Span 8 FY 2011
Nanodrop 2000 with Laptop PC, Optiplex 790 SFF, Vacufuge with Pump FY 2011
Methylation Software for the Sequenom FY 2011
Certified Laboratory Power Protection System FY 2011
IT item: Additional Computers for Heavy Computational Processing of Next Gen Sequencing Data FY 2011
Fluidigm, Inc.: DNA Preparation Device FY 2011

Flow Cytometry Core

Year Awarded
iCyt Synergy Flow Cytometer System FY 2012
BD Biosciences Jazz Cell Sorter FY 2012
2 MoFlow Astrios/MoFlo XDP Aria III FY 2012

Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory

Year Awarded
Olympus SZX16 Research Stereo Fluorescent Microscope  
Leica 3050S Cryostat  
Nikon A1 Confocal System FY 2012
2-Photon and Live Cell Imaging System with FLIM FY 2012
DeltaVision RT Series Performance Upgrade (BSRB Location) FY 2012
Upgraded Software for Image Analysis: Imaris & Autoquant FY 2011
Inverted Flurorescent Microscope suitable for live-cell imaging FY 2011
(2) High Speed Computers for image analysis FY 2011

Transgenic Animal Model Core

Year Awarded
Electrofusion Apparatus FY 2012
(3) Micromanipulation Work Stations FY 2011
(4) Microsurgery Work Stations FY 2011
(9) Inverted Cell Cultural Microscopes FY 2011
Spectrophotmeter FY 2011
(3) XYClone Red-I Laser Systems FY 2011