Giving to Research

Dr. Flanders and patient

Never before have the biological sciences offered so much potential for life-changing discoveries. New understandings related to the genome, to the role of proteins, nanotechnology and stem cells all beckon scientists with the promise of extraordinary advances. Researchers at the University of Michigan are leading the way.

But breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. Medical scientists face years of work to achieve their scientific goals. Research funds in the U-M Medical School answer a number of important needs, among them providing “seed money” for high-risk, high-reward new initiatives, and funds for special equipment, supplies and technical support. Private giving to research provides scientists with the crucial support they need while laying the ground work that can later leverage funding from traditional sources such as the National Institutes of Health. Especially in the early stages of research, when more traditional sources of funding may not yet be available, private giving helps to bridge the gap, and offers an extremely important source of support.

For benefactors with a strong interest in a particular field or disease area, giving to research can further advancement of scientists on the brink of discovery. Such support can be made through expendable gifts that may be spent immediately or through permanent named endowments. Learn more about how you can help create the future of health care through discovery.