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Katherine Isidore, MPH

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Clinical Research Coordinator - Children's

Robert Johnson

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Post-Award Finance - Ambulatory & Chronic Disease

Rocky Juco

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Administrative Assistant - Clinical Trials Support Office

Jacqueline Lang

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Clinical Research Coordinator - Children's

Christopher Lao, M.D.

Christopher Lao

Medical Director - Oncology

Sean Lezak

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Administrative Manager - Michigan Clinical Research Unit

Anna Suk-Fong Lok M.D.

Anna Lok, M.D.

Assistant Dean for Clinical Research

Njira Lugogo, M.D.

Photo of Njira Lugogo, MD

Medical Director - Michigan Clinical Research Unit

Angela Lyden, M.S.

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Clinical Research Science Coordinator

Amanda Melvin

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Clinical Research Coordinator - Acute, Critical Care, Surgery & Transplant

Ila Moncion, M.S.

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Clinical Subjects Coordinator - Children's

Lorela Myftiu

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Clinical Research Coordinator - Ambulatory & Chronic Disease

Tracey Naylor

Tracey Naylor

Associate Director of Finance - Clinical Trials Support Office

Carlee Neal

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Post-Award Finance - Behavior, Function, & Pain and Children's

Brenda Nimke

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Post-Award Finance - Acute, Critical Care, Surgery, & Transplant and Neurosciences & Sensory

Alexis Okerstrom

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Post-Award Finance - Heart, Vessel, Blood