Shahana Chumki, Ph.D.

photo of Shahana Chumki

Job Title

Research Administration Fellow


Shahana completed her bachelor’s in biology at Eastern Michigan University and attained her Ph.D. in University of Michigan's Cell and Molecular Biology graduate program. Her thesis work, under Dr. Ann Miller, consisted of studying how epithelial cells maintain local barrier function during cell shape change events. During her graduate studies, Shahana participated and organized events for various committees within CMB, such as the short course committee and career committee. She was also selected as a co-Chair for the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Cell-cell Contact and Adhesion. As an ROMS fellow, Shahana is very interested in leveraging her skills as a bench scientist to help facilitate access to research and research tools to diverse graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty. She is eager to learn from leaders in the different units within the Office of Research and gain more experience to make an impact in research recruitment and retention here at U-M.