Personnel Directory

Lynn Holevinski

Lynn Holevinski

Data Analyst Senior

Tina Huffman

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Study Coordinator

Kate Huffman

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Associate Director of Operations - Clinical Trials Support Office

Lucas Huffman, Ph.D.

Portrait of Lucas Huffman

Research Administration Fellow

Kathryn Hunsche, MPhil

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Senior Associate Regulatory Analyst II

Muhammad Hussain

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Study Coordinator

Carol Hutsko, BBA, CIP

formal portrait of Carol Hutsko

Senior Associate Regulatory Analyst I

Robert Hyzy, M.D.

Robert Hyzy

Medical Director - Acute, Critical Care, Surgery & Transplant

Mussa Ibrahim

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Study Coordinator

Mathew Innes

Matt Innes

Director, O-CTSU

Robbie Johnson

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Medical Assistant Associate

Robert Johnson

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Post-Award Finance

Sara Johnson, Ph.D.

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Biomedical Innovation Specialist

Ola Jumoke Johnson-Olokesusi, MPH

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Intermediate Associate Regulatory Analyst I

Rocky Juco

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Administrative Assistant - Clinical Trials Support Office

Erin O. Kaleba

Erin O. Kaleba

Director, Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research