Mollie Bodin

Mollie Bodin

Job Title

Business Intelligence Analyst Senior - Clinical Trials Support Office


Mollie works closely with the University of Michigan Medical School leadership to implement, analyze, and provide continuous quality improvement to the Clinical Trials Support Office (CTSO). Specifically, she bridges the business & technical teams for harmonious communication and service excellence. Mollie developed, implemented, and continues to lead the CTSO Quality Program.

Prior to joining the CTSO, Mollie provided project management expertise in various fields, centered around the themes of innovation and cutting-edge research. She coordinated large grants at the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical & Translational Research, served as an assistant to the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law & Neuroscience, and as an analyst at a major economic consulting firm. Mollie received a B.A. from Lawrence University (English & History) and a M.A. from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (History - gender, 18th-century pirateology). 

Phone: 734-615-0218