Personnel Directory

Nicholas Harris, CCRC

Nicholas Harris

Manager, Clinical Research Coordinators

Morgan Hayward

Morgan Hayward

Multimedia Designer, Marketing Specialist

Judy Heidebrink, M.D., M.S.

Photo of Judy Heidebrink

Medical Director - Neurosciences & Sensory

Jacquelyn Henderson

Icon of Staff

Pre-Award Finance

Robin Henry

Photography of Robin Henry

Post-Award Finance

Margarita Hernandez, Ph.D.

formal portrait of Margarita Hernandez

POE/FFMI Education Coordinator

Aaron Hess

formal portrait of Aaron Hess

Research Compliance Analyst

Laura Hessler

Laura Hessler

Project Manager

Peter Higgins, M.D., Ph.D.

Peter Higgins

Medical Director - Ambulatory & Chronic Disease

Lynda Hodges

formal portrait of Lynda Hodges

Research Compliance Specialist Senior

Ranae Hoeft, M.S.

Photo of Ranae Hoeft

Portfolio Manager

Lynn Holevinski

Lynn Holevinski

Data Analyst Senior

Kate Huffman, RN, BSN, CCRA

Photo of Kate Huffman

Assistant Director of Operations - Clinical Trials Support Office

Kathryn Hunsche, MPhil

formal portrait of Katy Hunsche

Senior Associate Regulatory Analyst II

Carol Hutsko, BBA, CIP

formal portrait of Carol Hutsko

Senior Associate Regulatory Analyst I

Robert Hyzy, M.D.

Robert Hyzy

Medical Director - Acute, Critical Care, Surgery & Transplant