Cyndi Bower, M.S.

Cyndi Bower

Job Title

Director, Operations - Clinical Trials Support Office


After completing her MS at the University of Rochester in Rochester, N. Y. Cyndi began her career with the University of Michigan in 1982. She has held positions in the School of Nursing, Ambulatory Nursing Administration, and as an Advanced Practice Nurse with the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant team. She has spent the last 16 years in clinical research administration with MICHR and most recently with the Medical School Office of Research Clinical Trial Transformation as the Director of Clinical Trial Operations. In addition, she has also worked with the Senior Associate Dean for Research in the School of Dentistry as an administrative consultant for their Clinical Research Program.

As the business and administrative lead for the research mission, Ms. Bower is responsible for the infrastructure, implementation, and operational and fiscal management of the CTSUs. She assists with devising and deploying the associated strategic research initiatives; managing projects; and advising on policy, procedural, and operational issues for the transformation enterprise. She has directed her own research in the areas of participant experience in research and the variables affecting retention, satisfaction, and regret. She has published on a business model using mobile research support teams to enhance investigators being able to include vulnerable populations in research. Ms. Bower is an active member of committees at both the local and national level, and a preceptor for the IOE students from the College of Engineering.

Support Staff: Rocky Juco
Phone: 734-998-6885