Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver

Job Title

Pre-Award Manager


Amy brings 20 years of University of Michigan business and finance experience into her role as Finance Team Lead for the Ambulatory & Chronic Disease Clinical Trial Support Unit. She comes to us directly from Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. During the past nine years, Gastroenterology has provided Amy with a wealth of knowledge and experience with both pre- and post- award administration. As financial lead and pre-award administrator for GI clinical trials, she brings a keen understanding of the components necessary for developing favorable clinical trial budgets, thorough financial award management, and securing positive working relationships with both faculty and sponsors. Prior to working for Gastroenterology, Amy spent 10+ years with the business office at the University Press. Beginning at the University Press 1996, Amy worked in Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, and as an Accountant Associate from 2002-2007. At the University Press, Amy developed strong customer service principles, collection skills, and established her footing in University of Michigan Accounting. In addition, Amy received her Bachelors of Science in Accounting from University of Phoenix in 2006.

Phone: 734-998-9993