Volunteer to Help the IRB NextGen Project

December 14, 2020

'IRB NextGen' is a project to revise and redesign the current IRB Application and IRB review process. This collaborative effort among the three campuses, health system, and ITS eResearch partners will construct the next generation of the IRB business processes and systems.

The goal of "IRB NextGen" is to optimize the application and processes to provide the best review for the protection of participants in human research by:

  • Reducing (right-sizing) burden for the researchers, IRB reviewers, IRB staff, and ancillary units that support the HRPP (e.g., COI Offices, Research Pharmacy);
  • Continuing to protect participants' safety, privacy, and confidentiality; and
  • Continuing to meet federal, state, and University oversight regulations and standards.

Visit the IRB NextGen Project Website to learn more.

Participation Opportunities!

Study team volunteers​ are being sought from across the campuses and Michigan Medicine to participate in the continued development of the IRB NextGen project.  For Phase 1, this may include testing the IRB Application and/or participating on a working group.

Contact the IRB NextGen Project Management Team if interested in participating! Next.Gen.PMT@umich.edu