View Successfully Funded Grant Applications

February 14, 2019

Proposal sampler contains NIH, NSF, DOD, Career, Training and Foundations grantsThe U-M Medical School Grant Proposal Sampler is a collection of successful proposals that allows faculty members to study effective grant writing strategies. Many funded researchers have generously shared their proposals to populate this database.

The purpose of this repository is to offer insight into proposal development, including: proposal writing (e.g., organization, detail); responding to reviewers' comments; ways to respond to required sections; etc. Only those with Medical School credentials have access to the Sampler. Having trouble accessing? Contact the Grants Services & Analysis office at

The NIH portfolio includes:

  • Sample grants: Most of the featured grants were awarded in the past five years, which helps faculty assess the quality of current successful proposals and how Rigor and Reproducibility policy is reviewed at the application stage.
  • Other related applications: For many resubmissions, the original applications are also included to help prospective applicants learn how to revise proposals based on reviewers' comments.
  • Accompanied critiques: Summary Statements, a summary of reviewers' comments, are provided (when possible) to shed light on the review process.
  • Expanded spectrum of funding mechanisms: The proposals available for review range from R01, R03, and R21 mechanisms, to the fairly new R35, large-scale P awards and Career Development Ks.

Besides the NIH, this collection covers other sponsors, such as DoD, NSF, various foundations, and for-profit entities.

The intent is not to use these documents as boilerplate material, but to use them as exemplars or examples. Cut and paste functions have been disabled as it opens up dangers of plagiarism and scientific contradictions, but we encourage you to study the format and layout of these proposals that have been successfully funded. 

We would like to keep this site as fresh and relevant as possible. Please consider contributing examples of your successful applications. If you have a proposal to contribute or have questions/comments about the content of this gallery, contact the Grants Services & Analysis office at