Update! Oncology CTSU Migration to OnCore

July 16, 2019

As August approaches, the OnCore Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) implementation continues with the migration of Oncology CTSU industry trials. This is the first large wave of Oncology CTSU trials that will exercise new workflows to improve research patient billing and allow for future success with a more integrated institutional platform. 

Notable changes: 

  • Investigators and study teams will start receiving more notifications from the OnCore system after the August migration
  • Study teams will be more engaged tracking patient activity in the OnCore CTMS and associating upcoming scheduled visits with subject timelines in MiChart as part of the new billing workflow

This next step in the migration process comes after nearly 20 months of preparation and planning with much investment from the institution and Oncology CTSU finance, IT, and education teams. Thank you to everyone involved as we continue this journey!

Please contact your O-CTSU portfolio manager or representative with any questions.