Upcoming MCRU-CVC Renovation

July 27, 2022

The Pavilion at University of Michigan Health construction project is underway and has made considerable progress to date. In order to accommodate the required I-2 corridor for the new patient tunnel, MCRU will undergo a three-phase renovation. Beginning in fall 2022, the project has a tentative completion for spring 2023. During construction, temporary barrier walls will be built to reduce noise, dust, and debris. Any work that will cause excess noise will be completed after regular working hours to reduce the impact on our customers. The three phases are as follows:

  • Phase 1 will affect the administrative space only.
  • Phase 2 will be the exercise room, study team work room, laboratory, metabolic kitchen, dining room, and patient rooms 8-10.
  • Phase 3 will take place in the patient lobby, patient intake room, and patient rooms 1-7.

As we recognize that this work will have an impact on our research community, MCRU leadership will provide timely updates through email to any teams directly affected to ensure appropriate planning.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to reach out to mcru-support@med.umich.edu with any questions or concerns.