Upcoming CTSO & MCRU Holiday Hours

December 2, 2020

Clinical Trials Support Office & Units (CTSO & CTSU)

CTSO administrative operations will have abbreviated hours on Thursday, December 24, and officially close at the end of the business day. CTSO study coordinator operations will have a reduced, but minimal presence to accommodate clinic needs. The CTSO will re-open at the start of the business day on Monday, January 4, 2021, to allow our staff to take advantage of University of Michigan Season Days.

To ensure that your research needs are met quickly and efficiently before the end of the calendar year, please review and share these schedules with your team, plan ahead, and act early. If alternative arrangements are required, contact your portfolio manager.

Questions? Contact ctsogroup@umich.edu.

Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU)

MCRU will have abbreviated hours Thursday, December 24. MCRU will have minimal staff to accommodate visits that occur on Season Days. We ask study teams to do their best to use the protocol-defined visit windows to schedule visits outside of the Season Days but understand this may not be possible for all visits. Visits that must occur on a Season Day need to be submitted to MCRU by December 11 to ensure appropriate staffing.

Questions? Contact MCRU-Support@med.umich.edu.