Studies in MBECT Begin OnCore Migration

September 18, 2019

On Thursday, September 12, studies began to migrate into OnCore due to the anticipated sunset of the Michigan Enrollment Calendar Tool (MBECT). During this migration period, Study Teams should continue to use MBECT or MiChart as usual to enroll subjects. Teams will be notified by the OnCore Team to cease use of these tools following their study(s) migration and when they should begin using OnCore.

On Friday, September 13, Study Teams received a message notifying them that their study(s) migration was successful. Study teams should now be working towards validation of data in OnCore using the Migration Checklist for Study Teams. Teams are required to complete all of the items on the validation checklist prior to converting studies to the Clinical Research Billing Workflow. To ensure a successful validation and conversion please have available a list of enrolled subjects that include the subject MRN, date of consent, most recent visit number and current study arm (if applicable).

If you would like a refresher or require assistance with validation, please contact the OnCore Support Team at