Research Scouts Still Making Investments in Bold Ideas

July 21, 2023

16 Projects Already Funded, $2M Still Available

At the midway point of the year, the Research Scouts still have $2 million to invest in bold ideas! If you have an early-stage and bold idea, whether in basic or clinical research, there’s still opportunity for funding. Each Scout has up to $150,000 to disperse, and they’re interested in impactful/novel approaches, technologies, methodologies, and tools too early for traditional funding mechanisms. Use this questionnaire to submit your idea, even if it seems outlandish or aims to achieve incremental yet impactful change. Scouts have until January 2024 to make all investments.

Research Scouts have already funded 16 projects across 10 departments exploring ideas like gene-editing therapeutics, patient-centered education programs, novel therapies for sickle cell disease, and more. CLICK HERE for the full list of funded projects to date. Research Scouts is part of Michigan Medicine’s strategic research plan, “Great Minds, Greater Discoveries.

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