Research Scouts Program Funds Bold Science

October 11, 2022

The Medical School Office of Research is launching the “Bold Science” arm of its research strategic plan, Great Minds, Greater Discoveries, by giving money to faculty to invest in other faculty’s bold scientific ideas.

The primary goal of the Research Scouts program is to catalyze new, exciting lines of investigation by making bold, creative ideas possible. Who better to identify great scientific ideas than our own world-class scientists! Other goals include:

  • Spark new scientific conversations and connections
  • Unleash the creativity of our faculty
  • Test bold ideas that may otherwise go unexplored
  • Have fun while facilitating new lines of investigation

Borrowing a page from the Hypothesis Fund, Research Scouts will receive $150,000 to invest in other Medical School faculty’s scientific ideas, technologies, methods, and tools that they find exciting and visionary.  Up to 20 Research Scouts will be selected, and each will be given 12 months to award $150,000 to Medical School scientists with compelling, new ideas. A Scout may make a single award of $150,000 to a colleague or make multiple awards of varying amounts to fellow scientists.

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